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                                  The PD Branch has had a busy, yet fulfilling, year with gaining more funding lines, supporting all units within the Army with either Physical Training Equipment (PTE), including servicing and maintenance contracts, flooring, and sports equipment.
WO1 (SMI) Rob Harden assumed the post of SMI PD in Apr 22 and delved into the weeds of his funding allocations, spending a large amount of his time visiting units across the UK and in British Forces Germany (BFG) to gain first-hand experience of the requirements and needs of units.
Sep 22 brought a change of SO2 PD, with Maj (MAA) Dave Boocock departing and taking up his new role as the ‘Clothing Requirements Manager’ at MOD Abbey Wood, and Maj (MAA) Russ Bailey ending his time as the 2IC ASPT and moving across the road to Montgomery House.
As SMI Sport, I had the pleasure of being invited to British Forces Cyprus (BFC) in Sep 22 to deliver on the Regional Study Period (RSP) which provided an excellent opportunity to conduct sport assurance and visit all gymnasiums and sport facility locations to identify the current state and requirement needs for the next 5 years. This tied in nicely with HQ RAPTC visiting to conduct some well needed Adventurous Training (AT), a 2-day package conducted by the team at ATFW (Cyprus) delivering mountain biking and kayak activities, hopefully enough to push some hard-
SMI Sport in attendance at the BFC RSP
WO1 (SMI) D Arkless RAPTC
 working Service Personnel (SP) out of their comfort zones (but more importantly, away from their MOD laptops).
SO2 PD and SMI PD conducted an assurance visit to 38X in Nov 22 to visit Capt (MAA) Kelley Haniver and her team to gain a better understanding of all Regular and Army Reserve units within the region and their need for investment to modernise their PTE requirements. The visit was timed perfectly with the formal Remembrance Service being conducted, with 38X PD SO3, SO2 PD and SMI PD in attendance.
In Jan 23, both SMIs left the reigns of Regional Command in the capable hands of Maj (MAA) Bailey to support Ex DRAGON BARDIC (we are both ATIs after all). This was a 160X JSAT alpine skiing expedition to Val Thorens, France, organised by Capt (MAA) Rachel Mckenzie. This appeared to be the week for RAPTCIs supporting unit AT, as there was more than 10 current and Ex RAPTCIs, all delivering skiing within the same region (a pint or two may have been shared). After a week on the slopes, we arrived back home, refreshed being back in the outdoors and ready to start closing public money accounts ready for the next financial year.
Ex MONTGOMERY TIGER returned for a second turn of the wheel in Mar 23 due to its success in Mar 22. Another JSAT alpine skiing expedition for Montgomery House personnel, split across two training weeks organised by SMI Rob Harden catering for 48 SP with Distributed Training (DT) being delivered on Ski Foundation (SF) 1, 2 & 3 courses.
At the end of Mar 23, WO1 (SMI) Arkless departs Regional Command as his last tour as a soldier, moving over (and back to his roots) to JSMTW (I) Wing as OC (on successful commission). The SMI Sport role will be handed over to WO1 (SMI) Saskia Fisher in Apr 23 and have no doubt she will continue to drive regional and unit level sport, grow the Women’s Sport League (currently under trial) and deliver the Sports Equipment Public Fund (SEPF) and Swimming Training and Testing Fund (STTF) army wide.
 Maj (MAA) Boocock, WO1 (SMI) Arkless and WO1 (SMI) Harden - off piste skiing on Ex MONTGOMERY TIGER

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