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  The Army Engagement Group (AEG) is responsible for providing engagement activities on behalf of HQ Regional Command. Engagement in a nutshell is split into three parts: Firstly, we look to educate potential recruits into considering a career in the Army in the near future. We are not part of Recruiting Group or Capita, however, have a remit to discuss the opportunities available without actually getting them to sign on the dotted line. Secondly, we aim to connect with all sections of society to show them what their Army can do for them and finally, we look to raise the reputation of the Army by dispelling myths and stereotypes.
The AEG is split into 5 teams covering groups ranging from young people to international businesses and senior military and civilian personnel. We cover the length and breadth of the UK whilst being based at RMAS in Camberley. We are regularly out on task for several days at a time and regularly work alongside the regional engagement teams and our fellow RAPTCIs.
Additionally, three times each year, we host a high-profile event alongside the Commandant’s Parade at RMAS where we have VIPs ranging from members of parliament, mayors, local councillors, school governors, business leaders and MOD employees. It’s an excellent opportunity for the guests to visit RMAS and see the future leaders of the Army, and for RMAS to conduct their full-dress rehearsal prior to the Sovereign’s Parade two days later. You are all welcome to
attend this event and if interested please contact either of the two RAPTC members of the AEG, Major (MAA) Roberts and
SSgt (SSI) Francis.
The opportunity to serve
at E2 is fantastic and highly sought after. Should you be interested in working within
a different part of the Army, you should raise this with your CoC and speak to your RAPTC POC for further advice.
(Above) SSgt (SSI) M Francis WO1 (SMI) J Gordon Maj (MAA) R Roberts – at a London District Engagement Event at the Alexandra Palace
(Below) SSgt (SSI) M Francis and Maj (MAA) R Roberts at Comdt’s Parade
SSgt (SSI) M Francis RAPTC
   SSgt (SSI) M Francis - Spreading the word of the Army

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