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  It has been an incredibly busy year within the Regt with the operational tempo coupled with a changeover in several
key personalities. The unit waved farewell to Lt Col D Strong and welcomed the new Commanding Officer, Lt Col A Rivett.
With the fast-paced life within the aviation world there have been several Deployments, in particular, 661 Sqn deployed to Oman where they conducted some outstanding air-to-ground ranges and participated in some very much needed AT, where Sailing and getting to swim with some not so small turtles was enjoyed by all.
While the Front-line Sqns were out of camp conducting their business, the Gym was busy in the background with an upgrade which has dramatically improved the rehabilitation and strength and conditioning facilities within the whole station. With the improved Gym now established, the Unit continues to qualify
SSgt (SSI) R Holder RAPTC
AAPTIs. The challenge now is to further develop those instructors that have the potential and set them up to attend RAPTC Selection.
Sport continues to be at the forefront of the Regt’s ethos with amazing efforts by the Unit’s athletes as well as the Rugby team and Skiing team. Meanwhile the Regt took part and won the Commodore’s Cup Competition. It was a delight, at the
same time, to promote sport at grass roots level, assisting in identifying sporting talent of the future.
As the year closes the Regiment looks forward to the challenges that our committed year brings. I personally look forward to the assisting this fantastic Regiment that is truly supportive of sport, AT, health and fitness.
1 AAC on the Ranges in Oman.
  1 AAC conducting refuelling
Conducting AT in Oman

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