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                                 2R ANGLIAN have had an intense year. Returning from Op NEWCOMBE and deploying on Exercises TIGER CLAW,
THUNDERING IMP, THUNDERBOLT and HIGH RISE. In addition, a deployment to Nigeria on a Short-Term Training Team (STTT) and the battalion spread on multiple Cadres. You would like to think it’s been a steady year for those staying on camp as part of the Rear Operation Group (ROG), however that hasn’t been the case. With multiple trawls from across the army, the pace of life has been hard and fast with minimal time spent on camp until the unit took over as UKSB.
With a new Commanding Officer arriving in March, the main effort was improving the culture, mental resilience and the cardiovascular fitness of the Bn. This started off spending 3-weeks at Castlemartin Camp, where an immediate focus on endurance-based sessions and building team cohesion was introduced from a variety of sports, AT and Krav Maga. This has started the foundation of a successful year for The Poachers.
Our sports teams have again excelled, during the deployment to Castlemartin, the football team took a 12-hours round trip within 24hours to return to Kendrew Barracks and win the Lincolnshire Services League after coming back form behind with a historic 2-1 win to seal the league. The BJJ Team had another extremely successful year taking multiple gold medals across army and tri- service competitions, having displayed the intensity and aggression from The Poachers. Our Athletics team again won
SSgt Hull Representing the RAPTC Apostles in Waddi Shab Oman
the Midlands Athletics Champs and progressed for a following year to the Army Athletics Champs, where they placed 5th overall with a skeleton squad (must be that Physical Training Programme (PTP) working!).
With all the fun stuff going on, including B Coy deploying to conduct Urban training inside
a block of flats about to be demolished as part of Ex HIGH RISE, and with the pace of life high,
Iwould like to thank all RAPTCIs within the AOR for yet another fantastic year. You have all diligently added value
across the PD spectrum. Your sterling efforts have not gone unnoticed. These have been acknowledged by your units, with this Branch receiving several emails of thanks. For me, the extremely high standard of RAPTCIs continues to grow and sets the scene of continuous professionalism which has been evident when conducting unit visits, PDAs or at various events and competitions. To see the increase in so many sports now
Capt (MAA) M A Greenwood RAPTC
taking place has filled me with joy. And to witness so many Service Personnel (SP) taking part with enthusiasm, determination and with smiles on their faces; plus, upholding the ‘Qualities of a Sportsperson’ has been memorable. This is all credit to those dedicated officials, secretaries and OICs – Well Done!
As the saying goes, “The only constant is change”, much of which has already started and will continue to do so in the next few months. Although, still
identifiable as the ‘Desert Rats,’ 7 Brigade has now a new role which encompasses an enhancement to, eleven OPCOM units, all of which will be held at the higher levels of operational readiness. In addition, the ‘Firm Base’ elements will separate from 7 Brigade on 30 Apr 23 and merge with the West Midlands to form ‘Regional Point of Command (RPOC) Centre.’ Although challenging, PD outputs will be maintained across a combined geographical area larger than the Netherlands.

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