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   The Poachers were able to stop and reflect with a tremendous Talavera Day. Starting with the medals parade for the Queens Royal Jubilee, followed by multiple sports events and finishing with a family carnival and a mini concert. Having both past and present Poachers at the event really displayed how much of a tight family unit this is, with multiple generations following in their father’s footsteps, traditions and family are a key part in 2 R ANGLIAN.
Once the fun had stopped and we returned from a summer leave period it was all about preparation and executing Ex WESSEX STORM, a total of 4 weeks all PED RED, meant a fun time for the Welfare team. However, this didn’t stop the soldiers from performing professionally, with precise aggression and speed to not only get green across the board, but with special commendations and praise from CFA down to Brigade...... next stop OMAN!
But before we deployed for a further 3 months it was back to the fighting fit and developing controlled aggression. Inter Company Boxing was back, and after lots of interest from junior soldiers and even our Adjutant stepping into the ring, the Coys were deep into the training camps, with the unit completing final Cadres or getting away for AT, the team had the focus of the Bn to deliver some great performances. With the introduction of Inter Coy belts with previous VC winners named after each belt, this gave an additional reason to win, take the belt back to the company. With “Boxing Andy” supplying the strobe lights and the DJ set, The Poachers were in high spirts for a dramatic week of boxing. With a few underdogs battling through fight after fight the finals proved to be worth the climax. Some athletic
RAPTC Apostles in Gibraltar
displays and strong jaws have set the Bn ready for the 23/24 year. Bring on the Army Individual Championships!
The start of 2023 saw an advance deployment to Oman to ensure the Battlegroup was set to acclimatise. With no medical team, no MT and no G4 support, it was a fun task ensuring everything was in place ready for the 4 Bde assurance. However, with the support of Capt Pollock it was a smooth process, even though some attached personnel struggled to complete the programme. Fortunately, my task wasn’t limited to just walking around in a circle, as I was fortunate enough to be the lead for the AT package out in Jebel Sifah, Oman. Something I can only describe as immense! From Rock climbing in a Waddi, to kayaking and offshore sailing in the Gulf Sea, the whole package was a once in a lifetime experience for the troops and topped off with a trip to Waddi Shab makes the drive worth it.
  SSgt Hull at Dunes restaurant embracing the Omani culture

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