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  35 Engineer Regiment EOD&S are based at Carver Barracks located in Wimbish alongside 33 Engineer
Regiment EOD&S and 29 EOD&S GSU. The Regiment’s Mission is: Providing search and bomb disposal capability in support of the 3rd (UK) Division, to theatre enablement and to the Royal Air Force. Agile and ready for tomorrow’s challenges.
Throughout the year the Regiment has been extremely busy with the squadrons deployed on Op NEWCOMBE, Op INTERFLEX and Op BALLAM, whilst also supporting multiple major overseas exercises such as Ex ARDENT DEFENDER and Ex PRAIRIE STORM. All this while maintaining the commitment to Explosive Ordnance Clearance. We have also found time for our usual business such as health fairs, sports competitions and conducting our first PTL course.
The Regiment had the honour of being involved with Op BALLAM providing an HQ and Squadron to assist with the State Funeral of the late Commander-in-Chief, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This saw members of the Regiment involved in activities such as patrols of the parade route, working with the Metropolitan Police stewarding barriers and command
PTL Course – Members of the Regiment conducting bodyweight lessons
Ex HECTOR WINTER - SSgt Jerrams conducting SF2 in Chamonix
event was a massive success which saw the boxers set up well for the Engineer Corps Champs with the Regiment coming away with 3 winners including best boxer.
Overall, Regimental life has been as busy as ever and with no sign of letting up anytime soon. We next look forward to hosting the Women’s Festival of Sport which is shaping up to be a fantastic event.
35 Engr Regt Boxing Night
SSgt (SSI) D Jerrams RAPTC
and control of 6 sub-units providing security. This was an occasion that all service personnel (SP) taking part in will remember for the rest of their careers and a privilege to be part of.
During this year the Regiment has taken the opportunity to dive back into delivering type 2 Adventurous Training packages to the soldiers with multi-activity events in North Wales, Scotland, Weymouth and finally wrapping the year up with a 2-week ski trip to Chamonix, France, delivering distributed training of Ski Foundation 1 (SF1) and SF2 courses.
The Regimental gym staff also found some time to raise some money for Combat Stress, Cpl Newman and I completed a 24-hr Obstacle Course event accumulating over 500 laps of the course, lots of blisters and sore knees later we managed to accumulate £677 for the charity.
35 Engineer Regiment also took time to enjoy some fantastic sporting opportunities this year, firstly with the return of the Sapper Games held in Marne Barracks. This saw over 120 SP from across the Regiment participate in 2-days of sporting activities. Secondly the Regiment held its first station boxing night in 5 years, the
24-hr Obstacle Course – SSgt Jerrams and Cpl Newman taking on 24-hrs of obstacles for Combat Stress
     Op BALLAM - Members of the Regiment and Sub units assisting with the State Funeral

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