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  The 1 RANGER rotational battle rhythm requires an unconventional approach to Physical Training (PT) and education. Over the last year the Physical Development (PD) staff and Chain of Command (CoC) have worked hard to secure funding to improve the facilities within Palace Barracks, but also increase the capability of PT when deployed. To achieve this, 1 RANGER has increased their deployable PT equipment. This was then delivered to the locations in West Africa enabling them to continue improving their PT programmes at reach. From February 2023, the Battalion will also begin a trial on potential future deployable PT equipment for use within the wider Army. The release of the ‘My Army Fitness app’ adds an additional layer of capability for the unit. In its current format, with those deployed overseas, it allows for little PTI interaction, but gives them access to create bespoke training programmes incorporating the equipment available. The mechanism of the app will provide PTIs information from each deployed individual, a vital function for those who require guidance on how to conduct PT unsupervised, especially in hot climates in West Africa.
SSgt (SSI) A Woodman RAPTC
In November, the Battalion conducted a Human Performance Optimisation (HPO) Health Initiative (HI) day, to increase health awareness, motivate soldiers to make positive health and behaviour changes, and increase awareness of available health resources. The day was aimed at the Company currently in the Training phase. The HI Day was divided into three main topics, with each topic playing a vital role in maximising human performance. External speakers were brought in to deliver specific content on their area of expertise. The Physiological aspect was delivered by Dr Phil Glasgow, the head of Rehabilitation within Irish Rugby. He has vast experience with developing techniques that allow elite athletes to understand how to train to become more robust, mitigating injury. The Psychological aspect was delivered by Detective Chief Inspector Graeme Lindsay, an Officer for Police Scotland who has tackled some of the most notorious criminals in Glasgow. His experience also brought to light the importance of working with other agencies worldwide which resonates with what our SP do when deployed. The final presentation was carried out by Dan Rowland, a key
personality within the Naval Institute for Nutrition. He provided guidance on what we should be consuming to assist with a healthy body and mind, and how to adapt nutrition to specific military needs. The day was a huge success with future iterations to be planned for each training cycle.
Over the period 30 Aug - 8 Sep 22, we delivered a summer mountaineering expedition traversing the Northern Section of the GR20 long distance trail. It was conducted in Corsica, France. The expedition comprised of three officers, two SNCOs and one JNCO. The hike provided both a physical and mental challenge for all participants, it also increased their knowledge of Corsica and challenges of operating in a mountainous environment. It served to develop participants’ leadership; teamwork; physical fitness; moral and physical courage; as well as other personal attributes and skills that are vital to the delivery of operational capability.

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