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  The 22 / 23 Training Year for the Battalion has continued at an extremely fast pace, supported with a busy Forecast of Events (FoE) and the main emphasis continuing to be Operational Readiness. In Dec 22, the Battalion changed Brigades from 1X to 12X and has seen various deployments all over the world and UK; most notably the support on Op INTERFLEX training the Ukrainian Conscript. In addition, the Bn has continued to support the following Ops and Exercises simultaneously; Op ESCALIN, Op TEMPERER and Op RESCRIPT being the main deployments and the supporting Exercises including Ex CHAMELEON (Jordan), Ex RAPID SKIRMISH, Ex ROLLING THUNDER, Ex TALLIN DAWN, and Ex COUGARS CLAW. The main commitments for 2023 will see A Company deploy on Op CABRIT (Estonia) and a Battalion wide Exercise to France (Ex ORION 23).
Work aside, the Battalion has continued to compete and excel within various sporting events throughout the training year including British Army Warrior Fitness (BAWF), Cross-Country, Football and Swimming; of which most teams achieved silverware and have ratified the importance of Sport within the Army and being the forefront of Battalion life.
The BAWF Team has been represented at most events within the UK Scotland BAWF Competitions so far and has fielded competitive male and female teams. With hosting Event One at 3 RIFLES, both teams achieved outstanding podium places in both categories where the Male Team achieved third place and the females taking the Event win.
SSgt (SSI) P Noble RAPTC
  UK Scotland BAWF Event 1 – Hosted by 3 RIFLES
During the Tri-Service Scotland Cross- Country season, the Bn Team remains as consistent as ever and with 3 RIFLES hosting League Race 4 in Edinburgh: once again achieving an impressive Event win, with four finishers in the top 10.
The Football Team continues to improve and attract interest across the Bn and the squad again competing at all Competitions that have been available including the Army, Infantry and UK Scotland 6’s, Army and Infantry Challenge Cups and the UK Scotland League & Cup competitions. Most notably, the Bn won the Army 6’s competition and the team are currently into the Semi-Finals of the UK Scotland Challenge Cup. The squad has also seen individuals selected for representation at Corps level; highlighting the exceptional talent that is on display within the Region.
  3 RIFLES FC – Army 6’s Champions
3 RIFLES Swimming Team – Army Major Units Runners-up
The opportunity to conduct OSVs is hugely desirable within Battalion, and on the back of a successful OSV to Malta in 2022; the Bn Squad will travel to Portugal in 2023.
The Swimming Team, although newly reformed in 2022, has had an extraordinary rise to be able to compete at the Army Major Unit Swimming Championships and in doing so, narrowly missing out on becoming Army Champions by a disqualification. Although receiving the most event wins, 3 RIFLES ended as Runners-up. Due to this success, individuals have since been selected to represent the Army at the Inter-Services and at respective Corps Level at the Inter- Corps Champs.
Adventurous Training has been widely supported by the Battalion, with numerous Type 3 Expeditions taking place including Ex ARTIC EXPRESS and Ex DRAGON FROZEN SPHYNX and during the winter season Ex FROSTED BLADE, Ex NORTHERN SNOWBADGER and Ex SNOWJACK 23. Type 2 activities have seen the Battalion complete various multi-Activity packages in Bavaria, Scotland, and Brecon. Type 4 has seen

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