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    Ex NORTHERN BUGLE – Mountain Biking at Laggan Wolftrax
SSgt (SSI) P Noble RAPTC and Cpl Webb – Paddleboarding on Ex NORTHERN BUGLE
an increase in interest with courses being completed in Rock Climbing, Parachuting, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, and Sailing adding to the wealth of experience the Battalion has with Leader capability. The Battalion completed a 3-week package to Norwegian Lodge, Aviemore on Ex NORTHERN BUGLE in Oct 22 and will return in the Summer of 23.
The Battalion understands the importance of Physical Development and consistently has this at the forefront for preparing our Riflemen for the tasks and commitments at hand. The Battalion was extremely fortunate in receiving funding to upgrade
Ex NORTHERN BUGLE – Kayaking on Loch Morlich
  the current facilities significantly with the opening of a brand-new S&C Facility in Oct 22, thanks to Major (MAA) B Dupree RAPTC and Beaverfit.
Spending almost two years in post; Battalion life continues to be well balanced and challenging. The RIFLES culture and ethos is unique, and to date, this has been a hugely rewarding opportunity and a pleasure to be a part of. I look forward to the remainder of my assignment into 2024.
“Swift & Bold.”
3 RIFLES New S&C Facility
Ex NORTHERN BUGLE – Hill Walking in the Cairngorms

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