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                                 In this, my last report to you as Senior Master At Arms, I offer a reflection on what has been achieved this year, and
what lies ahead for the Corps.
The here and now. For the past year the RAPTC has been, and continues to be, directly involved with supporting the Army’s Main Effort, which is mobilising (Op MOBILISE), and modernising the Army under the umbrella of FUTURE SOLDIER. In addition, we continue to support the training of Ukrainian Armed forces (Op INTERFLEX). We also had the privilege of hosting The Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Patrick Sanders KCB CBE DSO ADC Gen, who was truly impressed with the energy and innovation the serving members are applying to keep the Army fighting fit, citing ‘the RAPTC as fundamental to the mental and physical health of the British Army,’ so well done one and all!
And, of course, we were directly involved in the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla (Op GOLDEN ORB), where the Corps made a huge contribution to Defence’s biggest parade. A truly remarkable, once in a lifetime, experience for all involved and vividly captured in the history books as an extremely proud moment for the Corps to reflect on in years to come.
The future. The operating landscape for the Army remains complex. It is as busy as I have ever seen it, with much uncertainty globally, compounded internally with a Work Force which is in a state of flux, requiring deployability
Looking to the future, remember, you all hold the responsibility to continue to lead by example, to nurture and remain agile to ensure the Corps continues to have a positive impact. Continue to be the best at the front edge of change, don’t settle for less, strive to make that difference, no matter the frustrations along the way. Eventually, the customer ‘gets it’! More importantly, do this in your own life too, make a difference in work, but be happy in life. Farewell, God bless, and I wish you all well.
“Nations have passed away and left no traces, And History gives the naked cause of it – One single, simple reason in all cases; They fell because their peoples were not fit.”
Rudyard Kipling
Lt Col (SMAA) JPA Hughes RAPTC
to be at its highest. For the Corps, the reader will know that the physical health of a force is a key contribution to fighting power that determines the outcome of conflicts on land. Yet, analysis of current physical health data reveals that the British Army can still substantially improve its physical health. However, this must be achieved within current resources, (time, people, and money), with the end-state to improve fitness levels, whilst reducing injury rates at the same time. As a Corps, we must remain agile in delivery, work smarter, not harder, and continue to be on the front foot and focus our efforts where the greatest risk lies, be it deployed or within the firmbase. Cultural and behavioural change and the prioritisation of PD outputs remains at the very heart of this. To deliver this, we are collaborating with two major projects within Army Headquarters to improve the physical fitness of the Army by 15% by the end of 2025. At the same time, we must remain forward in many different and challenging environments. Therefore, the RAPTC is fundamental to training safety, preparedness and ensuring the Army is Fit to Fight, if called to do so.
Farewell! Following some serious soul- searching I have taken the decision to retire from the Army later in the year, to embrace a new chapter in my life where I will take the Corps, the wider Association team, the memories and the incredible journey with me in my heart. I will stand back and position myself in the proud spectator box and watch our important business diversify and continue to deliver an exceptional service to the force.
 16 Sep 23
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