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Another busy year has gone by in a flash. The SO3 PD role within HQ 160 Bde is an extremely diverse and rewarding job and one I would recommend to anyone. It gives you greater exposure to the wider Army in terms of Firmbase outputs that other brigades don’t necessarily have due to having a greater PD output. Outside of my PD role, I have found myself undertaking responsibilities such as Operations Officer for Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL, Brigade Liaison Officer for Op SPRINGTIDE (Wales’s response to the late queen’s death) and Military Assistant (MA) to the Brigadier for the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show, which is 160 Brigade’s largest engagement event of the year, showing just how dynamic and out of lane the role often expects you to go. This is just to name a few, rest assured you will never get bored in what people often perceive as a sleepy hollow tucked away in Wales.
When it comes to all things Physical Development, there is a strong cohort of RAPTCIs, (both Regular and Reserve), within the region who have supported the Brigade on numerous outputs, often in their own time, of which they should be commended. As always, I have my trusted sidekick, WO2 (QMSI) Geordie Fernandez RAPTC who is the much-needed continuity for the PD branch as there is nothing he doesn’t know or hasn’t seen before within the Brigade. Despite being FTRS with set responsibilities, he can regularly be seen undertaking additional events and training in support of others. He was recently awarded the Brigade Commander’s Commendation for the extensive charity work he has done over the last few years and is the gatekeeper for providing peer advice to many personnel, both internal and external to the Brigade.
Capt (MAA) R McKenzie RAPTC
 160 Bde RAPTCIs enjoying a social get together over coffee and cake
Although personnel are spread far and wide in Wales, getting anywhere can be a lengthy journey, we have tried to forge a community and hold small events to get like-minded individuals together. Often, this can just be a lunch or a coffee but allows us to get away from our desks and just have a catch up. We also ran a Brigade ski trip to Val Thorens in Jan 23
which ended up like an RAPTC reunion with so many instructors out teaching on the same week. Another excuse for a great catch up, this time over a few beers.
As I write this insert for the MBS, I am sadly nearing the end of my tenure here at 160 Brigade, however I am looking forward to my next challenge as part of
WO2 (QMSI) ‘Geordie’ Fernandez RAPTC receiving his Bde Comd’s Commendation
  RAPTC Reunion in Val Thorens, France

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