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                                 How we do anything is
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Leadership at 2 RANGER is underpinned by strong, confident, and knowledgeable commanders. Always improving ways of working and encouraging thinking at all levels. These combinations are essential in setting the conditions and trailblazing the pathway of a newly formed Bn and organisation.
Earn the grey every day
RANGERs, by nature, operate at reach in austere environments. Each are robustly screened via the RANGER Assessment Cadre (RAC). Those who make the cut join a high-performance team regularly conducting vigorous and Arduous Training. The teams are consistently developing Physically, emotionally, and conceptually to earn the license to operate.
Developing Human Performance
The Physical Development setup at 2 RANGER delivers the right tone of training that is required to be prepared to be successful on any task. Within this year there has been an uplift in PTE and Infra, this has ensured Coys,
In addition to the Bn’s demanding Operational tempo, unit Adventurous Training is thriving. This year the Bn has delivered multiple initiatives and expeditions. The importance of this has been recognised and now features in each Recovery cycle. Several AT packages have been delivered throughout this year within the UK and further afield, including Ex GREY LAKE (SMF and Multi Activity, Lake District), Ex GREY WIRE (Via Ferrata, Dolomites) and Ex GREY HIMAL (High Altitude Mountaineering Exped in the Annapurna Mountains, Nepal). All members of Bn including the Command Team are strongly encouraged to get away. Each participant has overcome physical, psychological, and emotional challenges during exposed/unfamiliar outdoor environments.
The Past and The Future
The RANGER Regiment has been born from high standards and vast wealth of military history. It has attracted professionals from some of the most prestige units within the military. The Operational tempo within 2 RANGER is fast paced and an appealing workforce to join.
SSgt (SSI) D Morgan RAPTC
teams and individuals can always apply the principles of training to the highest standard. The APTS provides the clear tools for optimising physical performance. However, due to the nature of the Coys and teams deploying away from the firm base for extended periods of time, it must be delivered as “thinking outside the box” and with a blended approach. This is where the My Army Fitness App (MAFA) and a robust development programme and upskill of AAPTIs is used to full effect.
Fight from the doorways
Bn commitments are highly focused on developing the Network, Training and Operations. However, Recovery and Contingency are always factored into each rotational cycle. Sport aids a period of recovery and decompression and assists with team cohesion post deployment. Routinely, teams balance their training around an arduous military lifestyle with unexpected taskings. Therefore, consistent training is challenging. Nonetheless, hectic FOEs have not prevented the Bn from competing in team/individual Sports such as the first RANGER Boxing event and playing regular Bn Football.
   SSgt (SSI) Dorian Morgan RAPTC and the 2 RANGER team at Thorong Pass (5,416m).

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