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Make a simple compost bin
 from pallets
• 4 pallets – avoid those that have been treated with toxic chemicals. They will be marked with MB, which indicates that the wood has undergone treatment with the toxic chemical methyl bromide. A pallet may also be unsafe if it has the letters EUR but not EPAL as well.
• 6 sturdy wooden stakes
• Spade or rake
• Sledgehammer
• Saw
• Strong wire
• Weld mesh for base if rats are likely
to be a problem
• Cardboard
Clear the area, making a rectangular channel around the edge wide enough for the pallets to sit in. Add a base of weld mesh if you are worried about rats getting in.
Stand a pallet on its long edge to form the back edge of the compost bin. Push a stake through the two layers
of the pallet at either end, using a sledgehammer to drive them firmly into the ground – about 20-30cm deep. Fix the next two pallets tightly at right angles to the back and fix with stakes.
Wire or screw the pallets together at the corners and trim the top of the stakes. Wire the remaining pallet at one side to make a front gate. If you want to insulate the bin you can stuff cardboard in the gap between the 2 sides of the pallet and cover the heap with membrane or more cardboard if conditions are too hot or too wet. More pallets can be added to increase the number of bays and accommodate compost in various stages of decomposition.
Storing Canes
Canes are a pain – if you stand them in a bucket the bucket falls over. Then there is the problem of sorting the right length.
Solution: simply ask a local plumber to bend you some pipe. Then, all that you need to do is hammer it flat
and drive a couple of holes through with a stout nail. Set them wide enough for the various lengths of cane, screw to shed or fence – hey presto! The jobs a good un.
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Member (hobbyist inventor) would like to hear from anyone interested in trying out a novel way to grow climbing beans season 2022.
I already have one invention out on trial for growing beans on balconies and would like to trial one of similar design for open ground.
This device has been tried in two allotments (Stenhouse, Edinburgh and Bournemouth) in 2021 with exceptional yields.
ContaCt: for Anthony or text 07864 021013.
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