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The compost without
compromise since 1992
FertileFibre, which is certified organic by the Soil Association, is an excellent replacement for soon to be banned peat. Our coir-based products have been developed by experienced growers and are perfect for people who care about the planet, demand the best quality and want to enjoy better results.
Made using a by-product of the organic coconut harvest, this high- quality coir compost, is popular amongst amateur growers, keen gardeners and professional horticulturalists for its consistency and quality.
If you’re starting to think about seeds, our organic seed compost is just what you need! It provides quick germination and fast root growth.
Why not get together with other allotment holders and order a mixed pallet of FertileFibre to be delivered direct to your site, so that you can benefit from better prices and a convenient delivery slot.
The UK's go-to shop for compost toilets
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