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                first objective was taken it was time to move to the next phase. Unlike the previous assault this was a move by foot across approximately 8km of varying terrain. A much more kinetic assault then went on in order to take the village. After most of the work was done everyone could finally get some well-deserved rest in a hard standing out of the cold and rain. The final objective of 2PARA was to clear out the enemy forces occupying high ground to the east of SPTA. This was again an advance to contact by foot over approximately 15km. After another long day 2PARA Battle Group had completed its objective and end Ex was soon called.
WESSEX STORM gave all the MWD teams present the opportunity to get out and do their jobs in a time when other opportunities had been very limited. It gave all involved
the chance to work with foreign allies and gave an understanding
of how best to be utilised in a wide array of scenarios. The exercise
also benefited the MWDs as most of them are very green and have little exposure to vehicles, air frames, battlefield noises and crowds. Every handler has benefited and taken
something away with them from this exercise, from understanding how a Battle Group operates to how their MWD reacts to gunfire.
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