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                 the life of a domestic dog.
Steep hills for all of us to climb. We decided to try and getting
Senna into our car so we could take her for a walk and to visit my parents, who were yet to meet her.
I had been working on getting Senna in and out of the boot of the car and rewarding her, even if we achieved getting in, we would drive no more than 5 mins down the road get out and walk around the park, so should she decide that she was not getting back into the car, it would be a relatively short walk home.
So, this particular Sunday we thought let’s go for it. So, we thought we had a plan! Senna jumped in the boot, no problems, quick let us go. In our haste we had forgotten to pick up treats, and her muzzle.
Great we arrived went for a lovely walk around the local park, entered my parents, Sunday roast beef given to Senna, time to return home. Well full of confidence, we opened the boot of the car and called Senna,
oh no, no way was she getting in there, it was like something out of a cartoon film, heels dug in and pulling backwards, there was no way she was getting in, out came her ball, no that didn’t work, ok more beef, not even for beef. I even sat in the boot with the ball and beef. This went on for
about an hour. We thought that my husband was going to have to walk Senna the 12 mile walk home.
Ok last idea lets open both back doors and the boot, put the seats down and see what happens, woosh she was in from the back passenger’s side.
Since then, I am pleased to report she is a dream now to get in and out of cars.
Going back to our domesticated dogs, they had never been allowed upstairs, or on any beds or furniture. Well Senna broke two of the three rules.
I laugh now, but at the time we were a little bit, well maybe a lot scared of her, as Senna was and still is a very vocal dog, she grumbles all the time, which we mistook for aggression.
She was house trained, so that was never an issue, on the occasions that we had to leave her home alone, she was generally very good, although we did have to occasional bin emptied.
On one occasion I had made a shepherd’s pie in a very large glass Pyrex dish, we hadn’t eaten it all, so I suggested that the remainder be put back into the oven overnight. Having forgotten all about this we went off to work (split shifts). On my
husband’s return he found the oven door open and glass Pyrex dish in Senna’s bed, which was not in the kitchen but the lounge, intact. The dish was licked completely clean,
we assume that she had pulled the oven door open and carried this dish to her bed. She was so pleased with herself. Oh yes on other occasions she had managed to turn our gas cooker on, but she never managed to cook a dinner, fortunately we always left the back door open for her to come and go as she pleased.
They say the dog chooses you not the other way round, well I have seen this for myself, Senna absolutely idolizes my husband, wherever he is she is never far behind, and hates it if he goes out without her.
Senna soon found her way onto our bed, and as I say she grumbled a lot we didn’t dare kick her off,
so 4 years on this is her place at night, the grumbles are not meant with any venom we have learnt but contentment.
Since Senna joined us, our sons have become dog owners, which Senna loves spending time with them, however she is always the boss and never has trouble putting them in their place.
Senna loves to play, balls are HER specialty, every ball in the world belongs to her! So, avoiding the children’s local football match on a Sunday was a must otherwise there would be an extra player, who didn’t give up the ball.
This has been a massive learning curve for all of us but believe me it has been so well worthwhile. Senna has given us so much joy.
Senna appears to have adjusted to retirement well, she is very much loved. We have now moved home and share a home with my parents. The new home has a gated entrance which Senna enjoys patrolling with a pride as she trots with head held high down the path. My parents spoil her, so at meal times she knows where to go to get the best tit bits, usually my Dad.
We have been asked by friends and relatives, would we give another MWD a retirement home, in heartbeat, whilst we appreciate there will never be another Senna.
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