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Capt H Mosey
I actually joined straight after university and so my quick exposure to civilian street employment was an interim stint as a cycle courier in London. I haven’t been anywhere particularly tasty with the Army but tearing it around the capital on a bike during rush hour.... well that was beautifully chaotic. I was also a reserve officer in the Royal Artillery at the time, in fact, I did a fair few placements in Germany in that guise. So if anyone remembers an out of place gunner wandering around Chiron Lines, Normandy Barracks back in the day: that was me!
I was honestly torn between medicine and veterinary medicine up until the last safe moment. That particular decision was clearly
won over by our fluffy four-legged brethren. I suppose it all came down to “they can’t tell me what’s wrong but at least they can’t lie about it either”.
The Navy weren’t keen on my attack dolphin ideas. No, in all seriousness, I’m not entirely sure. It was always the plan on some level though I can’t speak to its genesis. I’ve never seen myself in full-time civilian practice. The Army is always great at providing some other tasking outside of the clinic to keep things interesting. Variety is the spice of life and all that...
I was a Troop Commander for most of my time at 1MWD before spending my last few months there in the clinic. I managed to get away for some pretty exciting opportunities. Jumping out of a
plane – beyond awesome. Skiing in Austria – absolutely magnificent. A battlefield study to Israel and sitting on the border with Syria, hearing the civil war endure some miles away – powerful and sobering.
By far, the highlight of my time at 102 Sqn was seeing the dog teams in action. It was an absolute privilege to witness both the capabilities themselves, and the constant
effort to make training interesting, challenging, novel. Teams were using high profile locations
such as Westfield, Silverstone Racetrack, Peterborough Cathedral to conduct search serials. We had protection teams linking up with Leicester Police or creating FIBUA environments in the SGB hangers. Some brave souls were even throwing themselves off commando abseiling towers so that they could launch dogs through the upstairs window. The genuine interest and enthusiasm in generating ideas was inspiring.
Food, all roads lead to the kitchen. My biggest hobby is culinary without doubt. Though perhaps
that’s a tad misleading as I’m more about the tasting than the actual cooking. When full, I enjoy SCUBA diving, a good game of tennis, and travelling as much as possible.
On the point of travelling, I wish I could provide an inspirational tale of climbing the highest mountain, swimming the farthest channel, or running the longest marathon. In all honesty I am a Long Island Ice Tea on the beach kind of guy.
Well I have recently been afflicted with a severe case of responsibility and adulthood. Thus, I have decided to put my 1MWD shenanigans
on temporary hiatus and sail the calm waters of DATR. You see, not many people in Melton have any memory of CO 1MWD’s dine in. For that reason, this is a safe space. I am looking forward to my equine clinical adventure and have already earned the nickname ‘special vet’ from the yard staff. I have decided to take this as a compliment.
I have also recently been assigned as a Unit Change Agent. My initial perception was that this involved counting pennies, but later discovered it is part of the Army Empowerment and Transformation project. My first action is to make the endeavour as applicable to
the RAVC as possible. For this reason, we shall be referring to it a “trans-fur-mation”. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the RAVC thus far and plan on a few more good years.
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