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                DATR Category C Driving License Acquisition Training
by Sgt Baron
The opportunity for somebody to attend a Driving License Acquisition Instructor course, held at the Defence School of Transport (DST) Leconfield in Jan 20, was offered by Royal School of Mechanical Engineering (RSME). After receiving a nil return from
all Squadrons, I decided to put my name forward because I felt that this would be a great opportunity for DATR to deliver in house
driver training when required. My application was successful, and
I attended the course, qualifying
as a Defence Licence Acquisition Instructor at the end of Jan 20.
On returning to the DATR, I carried out Familiarisation training on various vehicle platforms
for permanent staff, when they
were posted into the Regiment. However, I never really had the opportunity to deliver in house driver training, which was the reason why I attended the course
in the first place. This was due to
a contract change and all vehicles had been recalled to DST Leconfield and all Defence Examiners had been focusing on Contract driver training.
In Jan 21 I managed to confirm
a Training vehicle from 7 Brigade
to carry out a Category C Licence acquisition course between the 15-19 Feb 21. SSgt Bourne transferred from the RAVC to the RLC and now works within 7 Brigade, Kendrew Barracks. He is a qualified Defence
Driving Examiner and offered to test my students at the end of the week.
Equine Training Squadron (ETS) consists of 12 Military personnel ranging from CoH to Capt. HGV qualified personnel are required at ETS for regular horse movements, veterinary reasons, CPD and delivery of horses for rehoming.
I organised a Theory and Hazard Perception test at Kendrew Bks for two Soldiers at ETS, CoH Mancey and Sgt Cooksley which was a prerequisite for the practical element. Once all paperwork had been completed and submitted to Delta in Colchester for approval,
it was just a case of picking up the vehicle from 7 Brigade the Friday before the course started. The plan was to carry out one to one training, adhering to the COVID health and Safety direction, which left the students half a day each training leading up to the test.
On the Monday we carried out vehicle familiarisation and the daily walk around checks. I then drove them to Kendrew barracks, giving them the opportunity to critique
my driving skills. The student then took charge of the vehicle and after a short introduction to all controls
I coached them around a nursery circuit of the camp. After I felt confident with the students driving ability, I got them to drive me back to DATR to hand over to the second
student where we carried out the same detail.
On the Tuesday we carried out the Reversing Exercise followed by lots of driving around Grantham town which is where they would be carrying out their test at the end of the week.
On the Wednesday we consolidated what we had learnt over the past few days, going back to basics and building on areas that required improvement.
On the Thursday both students were both ready for testing, proving to me that they were competent in all aspects of driving a HGV. As there were other students testing throughout the week, I liaised with SSgt Bourne to see when he would like to test my students. He was happy to test them anytime that day. Sgt Cooksley tested first and passed. The pressure was on for CoH Mancey who tested in the afternoon. He also passed which was a great achievement. This now provides two more Regimental Category C drivers. The next course I will be looking to deliver will be a category B+E for Veterinary Training Squadron and Canine Training Squadron personnel in order to
tow the Horse Ambulance/ Military Working Dog Trailers. I intend to progress onto the Defence Driving Examiner course so that I can assist Delta with Testing.
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