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– Mens Health
   by WO2 Daniel Martin
No one could have imagined the period we were all about to embrace. In a
year that has been tough for just about everyone I wanted to do everything I could to show my support. Men’s Health more now than ever is a concerning issue on the rise. Heartbreakingly I have lost loved ones to cancer and had to deal with the loss of friends and colleagues due to suicide. Close friends and family have dealt with or are dealing with Mental Health issues. As a result, this affects me on a regular basis and so drives me to understand the problems and do what I can to help.
In November I decided to do all
I could to promote awareness and raise money for the Movemeber foundation to show them and all men my support in their struggles. On average men die 6 years younger than women and the most alarming factor here is that most of the issues can be prevented. We can all play our parts to ensure that men (father, brother, son) live longer, healthier and happier lives.
I decided to take up the challenge and over a month period, I did several things to promote awareness and raise money. Firstly, as you
can imagine I decided to grow a
horrendous, sparse, ginger moustache (please see below). The type was chosen by my supporters on FB and supported by my CoC as a traditional cause. The only person who didn’t support
the moustache was the wife, she didn’t touch me for a month, although probably
the best month of
her life if you ask
her. Throughout
Movember I ran several events in order to raise awareness and gain support in the form of sponsorship. The Zoom Quizzes were a success amongst family and friends and regular posts on FB kept everyone updated and informed of everything regarding Men’s Health.
My aim was to raise £500 and
with the help of over 50 sponsors, a considerable donation from L’oreal International and my bright idea to shave the Movember logo into my chest, I passed all expectations. The total amount raised was £1020 and
a for me a personal best and a great achievement. I could not have done this alone and was overwhelmed with all the support I received throughout the month. There are too many people to name that deserve a mention, but every sponsor counted and made a difference, even the QMs £1, so thank you.
With Movember all but complete, all that was left to conduct was
the unit prize giving that was
due to take place on a COVID-19 affected Soldiers Day. I had to be
in the running for most raised, but thought I had no chance with best Moustache. Fortunately for me no one else showed up and so I walked away with both awards, presented to me by the Commanding Officer. The prizes were just a nice edge to what
had been a rewarding journey and just highlighted the effort that had gone in to try and make a difference.
The chance to tell my story allows me to continue where I left off as you all know Men’s Health shouldn’t
just be promoted and supported in November. This needs to happen all year round. I would like to finish with some of the important things that I have learnt through my journey.
• Spend time with people who make you feel good, your friends are important make time to catch up.
• Talk More, you don’t need
to be an expert but simply being there for someone and listening can save lives.
• Finally stay active and know your body, exercise when you can and check your body regularly. If something doesn’t feel right visit the doctor.
Thank you all for taking time to read this, it helps me continue to do all I can in order to raise awareness for Men’s Health.
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WO2 Martin showing off his sparse, ginger tash
 Lt Col M Thompson MBE presenting the Movember Awards for best moustache and most money raised to WO2 Martin at the DATR Soldiers Day
 Going the extra mile and shaving in the Movember logo for extra sponsorship
Total amount of sponsorship

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