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                 We asked members of the RAVC, what are their hopes and aspirations for the year ahead?
“Newly posted to the DATR, I am very much looking forward to gaining my advanced diploma in Horse Whispering alongside
developing the Military Working Horse airborne assault capability.”
“My aspirations for
the year ahead is to ensure 104 MWD Sqn Service Personnel maintain sound mental resilience, whilst
ensuring our MWD capabilities are maintained to a high standard in preparation for Operations.”
“My hope is that this year will be the year we can get back to normality. It will be
a relief to be carefree once again and be able
to get on some AT.”
“Having been selected for promotion to LCpl, I moved into my new role in February. My hopes and aspirations for this year ahead are
to complete my Army Leadership Development Programme (ALDP) course in order to substantiate in my new rank and develop my leadership and mentoring skills. I am also working towards a VS section 2IC role in 104 Sqn.”
“I hope to continue having a successful training year on Protection Section and once this pandemic is over, return to AMS
and club level Rugby. Between that, completing the Ammo Storeman’s course.”
“As a relatively new Pte to join the RAVC, I am very keen to gain as much knowledge and experience from the JNCOs and SNCOs. I
am looking forward to deploying on EX Pilgrims Progress with my Patrol Dog and pass my CAT C driving test. If possible, I would love to complete a rock-climbing package on AT.”
       Letters to the Editor
From Colin Bickerton...
Thank you for the Winter 2020 Edition of ‘Chiron Calling’ and for including my letter in it. I have enjoyed reading the magazine very much and catching up with the modern RAVC - a far cry from the Corps I joined some 65 years ago! I shall look forward to the Spring 2021 Edition.
Colin Bickerton (ex Cpl, RAVC)
From: the ex-Director of the Museum of Military Medicine
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article about Packhorses. Those who have visited the Museum of Military Medicine in Aldershot over recent years would have seen our exhibition on Pack Horse which has been a big subject of discussion from many visitors to the Museum.
From an ex-Director RAVC...
I have just got my Chiron Calling. One comment on Chiron Calling,
other than its being a very good and varied read is that I was particularly impressed by the contributions from relatively junior soldiers (Pte Field, LCpl Berresford, Cpl Spencer and Pte Tomlinson), very informative and enjoyable articles.
Thank you.
From Miss JM Morgan...
In November 2015 I wrote to you in response to a request in Chiron Calling for help funding this excellent Regimental Publication. I would now to make another donation which I hope will go in some little way towards the costs.
You probably won’t remember but in my letter of five years
ago I told you that I use to work for Brigadier John Clifford at Droitwich in a civilian capacity.
I had lost touch with him over the years and through the late Norman Morgan, 9No relations !), I was able to make contact with
Brigadier Clifford again. I was very sad to hear of his passing, but I was good to read his lovely obituary in the Magazine.
I the latest edition, I see you have an article about the RAVC from 1961 – 1996 by Robert Mares MRCVS. As this publication features John Clifford and Maj Brial Thompson who also worked at Droitwich, I would be interested in obtaining a copy of the book.
Janet Morgan
From A D Bowden (ex-WO1)...
I am writing to thank you for sending me a copy of Chiron Calling for which I am very grateful. I enjoy catching up
on RAVC news. I would be very interested in purchasing a copy
of the History from 1961–1996, especially as I served from 1965 to 1985. Please find enclosed a small donation to the magazine. All the best.
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