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The Military War Dog
Two Thousand and Nineteen, Kuno, a member of our team.
A Canine deployed in our Protection and Detection specialist regime! Being in a dangerous and mountainous country expanse.
His presence in our team, our capability was much enhanced!
A prodigious worker, in Five months, sixteen operations he completed. Taking out explosives or insurgents, leaving them helpless and depleted. Where Kuno went, the team would follow his lead!
Because! he always knew, the best way, to proceed!
May Twenty Nineteen he was deployed, on another dangerous mission. Against a well-armed enemy, determined to blow us to perdition! Among the first from the helicopter, Kuno and handler landed.
Racing across open ground, to a compound heavily defended!
Although under heavy machine gun fire, during the assault! The team suffered no injuries, a truly remarkable result! Then Kuno was released and the insurgent was incapacitated! Having accomplished that, he was to detection mode rotated.
Looking for explosives and ammunition, he found them by the load. But this is just the beginning, of Kuno’s episode!
A concealed insurgent, with night vision equipment and accurate fire. Kept the team pinned down, unable to advance or retire!
Our hero and handler reunited, come under fire once again. Grenades explode and machine gun blasts, increase the strain! Being in a bad situation and unable to move!
Kuno’s handler had faith, that his dog’s ability would prove!
Bounding to his feet, he went forward to attack.
Seeing our hero coming, the enemy wildly fired back! Several shots found their mark, but Kuno was not defeated! He kept on attacking, until he could be treated.
Despite his wounds, the enemy was overwhelmed successfully. The course of the battle was changed entirely.
With wounds to the hind legs, some were very severe!
It was doubted, Kuno could survive the year?
First Aid given and he was then evacuated!
Life-saving action on the helicopter, was also activated. His actions saved many lives that fateful day.
That! is one very brave canine, who earned his pay.
His hind left paw could not be saved and was amputated!
Our hero’s actions that day, must not be under rated!
As a Military Working Dog, his actions were always exemplary! Kuno was awarded, the PDSA Dickin Medal for Bravery!
By Roy Palmer Chelsea in-pensioner
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