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Norman Richard Morgan (Norman)
Norman was born in London in 1937 and came to Melton in the 1950’s to do his
National Service. Isn’t it strange how things work out, they are just meant to be. While he was there,
he met Jill and the rest is history
as they say. There is a little more to it than that as Jill told us that her parents weren’t necessarily happy for her to have any association with soldiers, if you know what I mean. So Jill’s parents wanted to meet him before endorsing their approval. Being a little apprehensive, Jill chickened out and would not take Norman home. To her surprise, when she walked in her parents were in their best clothes, dad
in a suit, mum in her best dress. Needless to say, Jill was in the dog house. The next day Jill thought she had better invite Norman in, only to find her parents, dad in his overalls and mum doing the ironing. But Norman maintain his good soldier behaviour and he married Jill in 1958 and had over 62 wonderful years of marriage.
They have 2 children Lynda and Nick. 4 grandchildren followed and 4 great grandchildren came later. Norman was very fond of them all.
During Norman’s working life
he worked for George Phillips and Sons for 6 years while he and Jill lived in South Harrow in Middlesex and then they came back up to Melton where Norman worked for IPC Magazines, part of the Daily Mirror Newspaper Group and on one occasion won a trip to the Derby in the Royal Enclosure for the best sales figures for his region (There’s a few memories there said Jill)
have visited a number of conutries including Australia, Africa, Canada, South Africa, Senegal, Namibia
and later on enjoyed cruises, their last one celebrating their 60th Wedding Anniversary. There was a big surprise for them both on that cruise as they were honoured to be asked to join the Captain at his table for a champagne breakfast and the captain had their letter from the Queen which he handed to them.
Norman liked most sports especially football and was a lifelong supporter of Fulham FC. He was also a talented artist and cartoonist, loved gardening and animals
and Norman collected coins and watches.
Norman also belonged to the RAVC Association for many years and was Treasurer until due to
ill health he had to retire. He thoroughly enjoyed his yearly trip to The Royal Hospital in Chelsea where they had a service where
he would parade with the serving soldiers of the RAVC and Chelsea pensioners. Jill told me that once they saw Mrs. Thatcher there
and Norman was very honoured
to be presented to Her Royal Highness Princess Anne on a visit to The Arboretum and to carry the Association Wreath in Melton on Armistice Day. All this must have made Norman not only honoured but very proud member of the RAVC. He told Jill that on one occasion some RAVC members mistook Norman for Major Morgan and gave him a smart salute.
Many will remember Norman as a member of the RAVC Association Committee of Management for several years.
Norman was a much-loved man who will be very sadly missed by both the RAVC and family. May he rest in peace.
 Norman liked to travel. He and Jill
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