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                A new Colonel Army Medical Services
ColonelHGraham Johnson
ello to to your Corps. In 2015 to 2016 you all in when I commanded 2 Medical ‘Family Regiment we spent two great
there are also friends and families who have to adapt during these times and thank the Regimental Family for their intimate support. Stay strong and support each other.
It is great to celebrate success and recognise achievements and none more so than Kuno receiving the Dickin Medal last year. As we look forward, there are many in- service soldiers who are seizing the opportunity of the Apprenticeship Scheme. As I reflect on the importance of communications in our busy lives and changing world, and ‘Winkie’ as the first Dickin recipient, I look forward to reading the next edition of Chiron Calling and catching up with what has been going on. Wherever you are in the world as part of ‘Family RAVC’ I wish you well and thank you for your Service.
 RAVC’ and thank you for allowing me to introduce myself to you all. As you know the Army Medical
Services consists of Four British Army Corps serving the Crown
and in December 2020 it was my privilege to assume the appointment of Corps (plural) Colonel and now operate from Headquarters Army Medical Services in the grounds
of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. If you are in the area please do come and see us – it is your Headquarters whilst I am fully aware of your strong connections to Melton Mowbray and Rutland.
My family and I are no strangers
years in St George’s Barracks, North Luffenham with 1st Military Working Dogs Regiment. I look forward to re-kindling my affinity with you and your families as we step through 2021 and emerge from the constraints of lock downs. I
do hope that you have all adapted and remained both mentally and physically fit throughout and we are all looking forward to a bit more togetherness and the ability to celebrate our Comradeship.
For those of you serving thank you for your continued passion and professionalism for what you do both in support of our Homeland National resilience and also overseas, such as the United Nations operation in Mali. I recognise that
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