Page 4 - Jigsaw July 2020
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Well here we are in Lockdown – all having to stay at home, Allowed out for exercise – not allowed to roam. Re-defining what a key worker in this time means,
NHS, bin men and the shopkeeper sorting out the greens, Teachers, nursery nurses, care workers so many more, Thursday nights we clap for them all, outside our door. Children not going to school – parents not going to work,
A tremendous sense of peace – but behind it the virus lurks. Only if your journey is essential can it be made at all, Social media, Zoom – just pick up the phone and call.
Life is slower, no more hustle and bustle, Contactless payments – can’t hear the money rustle.
Only shops open are for essentials and food,
Some takeaways open to lift your mood.
So many acts of kindness – it melts my heart,
So many families separated – miles apart,
No more hugging – stand two metres from each other,
We all miss sons, daughters, fathers and our mother. Church services have taken on a different meaning,
Your local service on the internet or Facebook is screening, Lots of events being cancelled – no live shows, no sports too, Big decisions being made – what else can we do?
Only once in it’s history have we had to cancel Charter Fair, We couldn’t go ahead – be irresponsible – how would we dare? So we had a chat and all agreed, sure Bryn would have too. But we the Committee make this promise to you,
If we kick this virus into touch and can gather once more, All stay at home and help to banish it from our shore, Keep washing your hands so they are sterile clean,
We will put on the biggest and best fair the town’s ever seen!
Lindsey Burch, Chair of Charter Fair Committee

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