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                  Disabled Living will be delivering a free virtual interactive moving and handling session
aimed at helping you to approach your moving and handling tasks in a safe an efficient way.
This is an opportunity to think about the way you currently assist someone to move. Is it the most effective way? Are you protecting yourself and your family member
or friend from potential injuries as much as you can?
We will look at the way you are currently moving and handling along with your posture and demonstrate effective techniques to keep yourself and your family and friends safe.
During our conversations we can also help to signpost you in the right direction for help.
Monday 20th September 2021. Places are limited.
For further information and to book on the session please email
    Bladder & Bowel UK
 National Confidential Helpline
Information and signposting to anyone affected by a bladder or bowel problem. Individuals, their families, carers or clinicians may contact our helpline.
 Bladder & Bowel UK Just Can't Wait Card
Please complete an online request form via the link -
To obtain your free card - please send a stamped address envelope to: Bladder & Bowel UK, 10 Priestley Road, Worsley, Manchester, M28 2LY 0161 214 4591
Bladder & Bowel UK, Part of Disabled Living, Registered Charity No: 224742
family and friends

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