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    and another April-July 2021. Now aged 4, T is walking independently but with an ataxic gait, she is talking in full sentences and initiating conversation. The aim of her next block of hippotherapy will be to improve her dexterity with mounted activities and to introduce the use of reins with a view to moving her on to an RDA group so that she can continue to enjoy horses and riding and learn new skills.
Mum says: “Thank you for believing in T from the beginning when, screaming and flailing on the back of Mary, you saw a potential
to get us where we are today hands free, balancing on Arthur... Life- changing... Hippotherapy succeeded when others couldn’t manage her... so many successes she takes away from her sessions.”
ACPEA – The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Equine Activities
There is a Directory of Service Providers on the website (find a therapist)
RDA – Riding for the Disabled Association
Find an RDA group near you and to learn more about RDA activities.

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