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Supporting the community – Rotary Club help with vaccinations
 Covid vaccination support: Members of Thrapston and Raunds Rotary Club have been helping with the covid vaccine rollout. Along with members from some of the other clubs in the Rushden and Kettering area we have been providing volunteer help with car parking and queue marshalling at the local vaccination centre in Thrapston.
We have continued to use Zoom for
our weekly meetings and usually have
two speakers a month. A recent speaker gave a talk called ‘The Story of the Two Crosses’. This turned out to be an amazing and moving story of bravery and faith. Tim Coltman talked about his great grandfather William Coltman VC who was a stretcher bearer in the 1st World War and, because of his faith, refused to carry a gun. As a result of his bravery he is now described as the highest decorated non-commissioned officer of the British Army. He was awarded many medals including the Victoria Cross, the Distinguished Conduct Medal and Bar, and the Military Medal and Bar. Tim is keen to let others know about his great grandfather. He is available to do talks to other groups and organisations during the pandemic and we can provide details to interested groups.
We continue to support the three local foodbanks and, earlier in the year, we were able to provide almost 80 bowls of hyacinth bulbs to people in the local area.
Whilst we could not hold our annual Rotary Young Musician contest in February, it was good to have a recent update about one of our previous winners. Natasha Blakemore took part in the competition over several years as a member of the Manor School Big Band and Wind Ensemble, playing in Piano Duets and as a solo clarinettist. Natasha is now studying on the tonmeister course (music technology) at Surrey University.
Competition Deadline Changes: Readers may be aware that we are happy to take entries towards a number of Rotary Youth Competitions. We will accept entries to Rotary Young Photographer, Rotary Young Writer and Rotary Young Environmentalist competitions. Local winners gain entry into the District Competitions. There is good news for anyone wishing to enter since the closing date, for the district competition
has been changed. As a result the date for entries to the local competitions has been put back till March 29th. Whilst entries can be made on an individual basis, we welcome entries via schools and youth groups. Further details of the competition rules, age groups and entry forms can be found at For more details of the local competitions telephone 01933 624527 or send a message via the Club Facebook page.

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