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The ‘joys’ of Zoom – Lesley Baden embraces technology...
This time last year few of us had ever heard of Zoom, let alone clicked into it and seen our friends and relatives staring back at us in various degrees of embarassment!
“Just click on the link” they said, so I clicked on the link and found I was being asked for
all sorts of ID and Passwords... Now what? Since then we have all sort of cracked it, and have been clicking away to find each other and swap our news, share a glass of wine or a tea party (bring your own) and, if you are anything like me, hate the sight of yourself ‘on the telly’! There have been quizzes and parties and all sorts of imaginative ways of using this new piece of technology.
Lately I have learnt how to schedule a meeting and be a ‘host’. It is very exciting when you learn to do this because you can ask anyone, or a group of people, whose email address you have to join you on the screen and have a chat. One by one their name comes up on the screen and you can
‘let them in’. Love it!
We have been meeting up as a family on
Sunday evenings at 5.00pm and share our news of the week. Our son and daughter- in-law have been trying to move their family from their house in Devon to a ‘forever house’ in the Birmingham area. A nightmare would be putting it mildly! They have been commuting between Devon and Birmingham to do their jobs in the NHS and Katie’s school. So Zoom has been a real blessing.
Our PCC meets every two months online, and we now have a church Coffee Morning on a Sunday (bring your own) for an hour – anyone can join in... just ‘click on the link’ on the website.
Zoom shares must be rocketing (if there are such things) because it seems everyone is now using it to keep in touch. We are very blessed to have it and I realise we have seen more of our family in the last year than ever before – even if we can’t touch each other!
   Thanks to Claire Jackson for our wonderful cover photo! We love it!
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