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03/04/2020 Allotment and Leisure Gardener 41
On the garden park there are ten pile walls in various shapes and materials. There is a bird hut on the forest path, and various wickerwork of willow branches. Bee hotels have been added, including one, which is equipped with glass tubes for education. Birdhouses have been placed, as well as a sparrow hotel and bat boxes.
A project has been started with a primary school for various workshops with the youth about nature. Activities include for example:
• Makingbeehotelsfromtreetrunksandreeds. • Howarevegetablesgrown?
• Recogniseandspotbirdsandamphibianson nature trails.
• CreatingviewboxesandmakingChristmas pieces with materials from the gardens.
• Variouspuzzletours(meantforrecognising
• Makinggrapejuiceinanaturalway.
• Makingapplesaucefromself-pickedappleson
the garden.
There are also school gardens where children from an after-school weekly come gardening.

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