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  Carlin Peas – Update
Following the article in Issue 1 2020
of Allotment and Leisure Gardener about the fascinating Carlin Pea, many eclectic replies were received. The carlin pea is now being talked about. Is this the new ‘Super Food’? – I suggest it may be – pure protein in a full teaspoon.
So, what happened? Requests from all over the UK, many Northerners now living elsewhere remembering their parents and, more so, grandads who grew them or talked about them. Many are to grow the seeds in 2020 and then pass over to friends and family – let me know what happens please; you are the disciples!!
“Shiremoor Allotment and Gardening Association, I am relying on you and all your friends and colleagues across many allotment sites in the Northern Area.” (Brian D)
“A contact in Cambridge whose dad talked about carlins – another convert who will also pass on the word about the seeds to others.” (Joan B-A)
“I run a small community allotment group in Nottinghamshire. They will be having a go, and I think my friends would like to have a go too.” (Carol C)
“I love peas and I’m particularly interested in traditional recipes.” (Judith F, Cheshire)
“Needless to say, my growing fingers itched to get hold of some and have a go at growing them and then eating them – my wife is a keen vegetarian so is equally keen for me to grow them, and I promise a good allotment home for your seeds.” (Kevin W, Essex)
“Memories of pinching/borrowing the odd handful to use in my peashooter. Grandad wasn’t too pleased when he sussed why his pigeon feed was going down so quickly. I am currently trying to educate the Southerners on good old northern grub. The memories of Gran’s kitchen with mint sauce came straight back.” (Keith S, Milton Keynes)
“I have just read your article on carlin peas. It brought back memories of my childhood in the 1950s. I’d be quite interested to try them. We only got half a plot last year after waiting for 9 years.” (Pauline M, Liverpool)
“In 1974 I was in Durham; a chap asked me if I liked ‘the peas’. I thought this was odd but, in for a penny, I tried them. They were brown rather than green and
I have just read your article on carlin peas. It brought back memories of my childhood in the 1950s
had a nutty flavour. I would like to grow some of these even if only for memory’s sake. I attend a meeting of the Sheffield Allotment Advisory Group and I’ll talk to them about these peas. Next year I will be able to give them some supplies. We may finish up with a carlin pea growing enclave around Sheffield.” (Ken C, Sheffield)
“It’s all about education, education, education. My peas in root trainers are looking good, ready to be planted in March to then harvest and appreciate, but most important for us all to enjoy their unique nutty taste and heritage. Please keep me advised of progress. Also, peas are still available at harry@”
Finally, yes, it is the new SUPER FOOD – pure protein with a dressing that you enjoy – why not try spices – let me know – I leave this thought with you.
Harry James,
Newcastle upon Tyne
P.S. Carling Sunday was on 29th March 2020 – did you celebrate?
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