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 Get ready for the Summer with an Eco-Friendly Toilet!
 Summer is around the corner and we will be soon enjoying long hours of daylight at Allotments, Campsites, Holiday Homes and gardens, that will become our favourite sunny retreat.
The Bedford-based company Dunster House knows how important it is to have everything ready for this season, so they have developed new products to make outdoors life more comfortable, while their updated
Eco-Friendly Composting Toilets are the perfect option for areas with no access to water or sewer system connection.
These waterless toilets continue to showcase amazing add-ons, as their solar system, which powers an internal light and
a phone charging
system. The battery box is now smaller, taking nearly no space and can be fitted inside. The sink and urine diversion system have also been redesigned for a more comfortable use.
Dunster House has different DIY models; the beautifully designed Composting Timber Toilet, made of natural timber, has its low-maintenance version on the MKI toilet, made of wood-
       Composting Toilets are the perfect option for areas with no access to water
plastic composite (WPC). Both models come with two toilets so, one tank can be used while the other is spared to compost. They include a urine diversion system and have high quality features as a home toilet. The model MKII is smaller, with one toilet and a tank that can be wheeled out. It has a fan assisted ventilation pipe to remove unpleasant odours.
Make the most of the outdoors life and get ready for the summer!
Find out more at www.dunsterhouse.
      Dunster House DIY Composting Toilet
• Available in a Timber or WPC Finish
• Low Maintenance
• Solar Powered Internal Light
• Solar Powered Phone Charging Point
• Solar Powered Hand Wash Basin
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