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Well, my opening words in the previous magazine were: ‘hope it is a little bit drier under foot on the allotment after the exceptionally wet and frustrating back end of 2019’. Well, who would have expected what we have just had in 2020? Can’t get anywhere near
my allotment without wellies and my polytunnel is ripped to shreds from the gales. To look on the bright side it will prevent me and many others from attempting to start our planting too early as we always tend to do.
Recently a council submitted plans
to re-locate a large proportion of
an allotment site onto inferior land
so a carpark and access road could
be created for a school. It was very refreshing to have success in the Courts of Law, with the judge squashing plans to re-locate the allotment site, squash plotholder eviction notices and make a ruling that no appeal could be made. Despite this ruling it was still over- turned by the Court of Appeal in London and in turn the three judges reversed the decision. Very disappointing. The possibility of further action is being investigated. I do find it quite worrying at the cost of getting justice, far beyond the
reach of most ordinary folk.
Life goes on so let’s look at the more positive aspects of our 90th year
of existence. I have recently been enlightened that our FREE!!! individual plotholder insurance has a much wider range of cover than I was at first led
to believe, and the fact that it is free makes it doubly attractive – after all, I am a Yorkshire man. Have you taken advantage of this free insurance yet?
Before the current COVID-19 emergency I had booked myself to attend four of the larger national Flower Shows this year to assist
in the promotion of our wonderful organisation. It’s likely most if not all will be cancelled this year, but I will
be there in 2021! Have you considered participating in some way? Many of the shows offer the opportunity for groups to create mini gardens on a competitive basis. A great opportunity to show the general public what great fun growing vegetables can be. Most of the entries from allotments that I have seen have been wonderfully creative, and a good way to promote our great activity. Many of the shows offer funding to assist in
Life goes on so let’s look at the more positive aspects of our 90th year of existence.
the garden’s creation. Have a go; it’s fun and I think you will enjoy it.
August brings ‘Allotment Week’, another time to promote our recreational activity, with Open Days and Events. This year’s theme is ’Wellbeing’ – however, there may still be restrictions on movement and gatherings in
August, but we can promote in other ways! Ideas on a postcard (or email) please to If it goes ahead ‘Heritage Open Week’ in September is another way to show the local community what great benefits can be gleaned from growing your own fruit and vegetables. The above are all good opportunities to raise funds for your association. My site is funding the creation of our composting toilet from funds raised at these events.
Sadly, our AGM in Leeds has been postponed. I hope to see you at the rescheduled event and hope you have all stayed safe through this difficult period.
Phil Gomersall
            How far back do you go?
2020 sees the 90th Anniversary of the National Allotment Society. To celebrate, we will be looking back at the history of the NAS – but what about the history of your allotment plot or site?
Send us a snapshot or two that you feel defines your allotment’s history, and your photos could feature in our 2020 Anniversary editions of the magazine.
Decades or months, your allotment doesn’t have to be many years old to take part!
Submitting your images:
• Weappreciatethatolderimagesmaynotbeavailableinthebestresolutionbutsuggest
that 300dpi high resolution photos are best.
• Providecaptions–Whenandwherewerethephotostaken? •
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