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Participants will receive training to develop a composting skill set, and a knowledge of:
• Theenvironmentalbenefitsofcompostingandroleof
composting in reducing waste sent to landfill.
• Thebenefitsofcompostinginbuildingahealthysoil.
• Themainmethodsofcompostingavailabletothehome,
allotment and small-scale community compost site.
• Homeandallotmentcompostingoperationsincludingthe
use of bins purchased through council schemes.
• Stagesinmicrobiologicaldecompositionoforganic
material during composting.
• ‘GreensandBrowns’gettingtherightmixofmaterialsfor
effective composting.
• Compostbin‘firstaid’.Measurestobetakenifthingsgo
• Harvestingandusingcompost.
The introductory session will include a tour of the demonstration site and practical experience of aerobic composting operations using the wide range of bins available on the demonstration plot. Depending on the weather, it may include the sorting of feedstock from the reception bins, the layering and loading of bins, aeration by turning with a fork and aeration tools, use of plastic ‘dalek’ and similar bins and the harvesting of finished compost.
While the Introductory session will provide sufficient knowledge to operate and maintain a composting system, it will also form the Foundation session for a more detailed and specialist second day with sessions on:
• Traditionalthree-binhotcomposting
• Wastefoodcomposting(includingcookedfood)
• Bokashifermentationtopicklefoodwastesothatitcanbe
composted in a conventional bin
• Wormeries
• LiquidFeeds(plant&compostteas)
Successful completion of both days will lead to certification as a Compost Mentor.
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 The courses are priced at only £15 per day (including tea, coffee and lunch) to make them accessible to as many people as possible. All NAS members are welcome. An additional half day session “Community Composting” will be offered for representatives of allotment sites, community gardens, schools etc. as demand warrants.
Rod Weston
Registration forms and more information are available from
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