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Colin Nickerson
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                                                                                                                           Colin worked for many years
on behalf of allotments in his hometown of Newmarket and the UK and his loss will be felt by many.
Colin took up allotment growing when he retired from the teaching profession in 1990. By 1991 he was treasurer of the local Society, and by 1992 had become the secretary. When he discovered that the National Allotment Society existed, he made enquiries and the local association joined. He discovered John Farmer, who
was active as president as well as Eastern Regional Representative, and they worked together building the Regional Panel, creating the Suffolk Society and encouraging London boroughs and Cambridge representatives as well. Colin became the Eastern Regional Rep in 1999, taking over from John Farmer. He remained hard at work in the region and on the management committee until
2009 widening the Regional
Panel to include a Norfolk County body. His retirement was short,
for in 2009 Colin was elected as President of the Society, a position he held until 2014. Colin Nickerson was indeed a man for all seasons, enjoying his time on his allotment, which despite the health issues he has had in these latter years, he has still managed to keep growing. The Society was proud to bestow on him the title of Honorary
Vice President of the National Allotment Society in 2015, for the contribution he has made to so many parts of the allotment world at all levels over many years.
Ray How, Eastern Region Representative
My memories of Colin Nickerson are of a man who fulfilled his various roles with the Society with courtesy, even-handedness, care and diplomacy.
Jeff Barber
We are sorry to inform members of the death of Maurice Lander in February this year.
He leaves behind
a very caring and loving family. As many of us know, Maurice was an ambassador for the allotment movement throughout his
life. He was secretary of Stoney Road Allotments, Coventry for many years. He also served as an Executive Officer of C.D.A.G.C. representing them at many council meetings. He represented the West Midlands at NAS committee meetings and supported West Midlands members in that role for many years. He also worked with the late Len Parnell on Society business and devoted his time to the movement.
He will be deeply missed, not only by his family, but also by the allotment family and for his knowledge, advice and understanding.
Bob Preston
  6 Allotment and Leisure Gardener

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