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 South East
Surrey, Kent, West Sussex and East Sussex
Contact if interested in the position
New Mentor
for Kent
IliveinNorthKent;Iama family guy with an allotment and a busy retirement. I am fairly outgoing, and you will find it easy to chat with me. I've travelled extensively for work and pleasure and enjoying running allotments probably
a bit more than growing. I'm very practical, come from an engineering and commercial background and, of course, love tea. I look forward to helping you in your allotments and bringing the communities together. If you have an issue and fancy a chat, I'm your man.
Andrew Bird
Paul Neary
South East
0845 313 8422
Andrew Bird
0845 313 8462
Welcome to our new members...
Otford Parish Council
4 Individual Memberships
If we are to be healthy we must live by life’s rules
It is Day One of UK Corona virus Lockdown. Never have our human barriers been so breached. If we are to be healthy we must live by life’s rules.
After my 15 years with this product, now more than ever, I am convinced that REMIN volcanic rock dust has a part to play in helping to resolve so many of today’s problems.
Basically, our soil, on which we all depend, is made of
5 things: AIR, WATER, DECAYED ORGANIC MATERIAL, LIVING ORGANISMS and MINERALS. Organically certified REMIN contains all 17 Minerals and Trace elements required for healthy plant growth. On-going repeat business indicates to me that REMIN is an important catalyst to the health of our soil, soil’s living
organisms, our food, ourselves
and our climate.
REMIN can only work at nature’s pace. A top dressing of 0.5kg / m2 (a good handful a yard); mix at 1kg per 50Lt compost and a regular sprinkle on your compost heap is all it takes. Oh! and worms just love REMIN. A 500g yogurt container holds 1kg REMIN. Check out our website for loads more info.
volcanic rock dust
Carbon Capture Gardening
Let REMIN’s full suite of minerals and trace elements benefit the life in your soil, your crops and ultimately yourselves!
10 & 20kg BAGS, 0.5t & 1t BULK BAGS, 28t BULK LOADS
volcanicrockdust REMIN_rockdust T: 01330 820914 E:
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The Garden Show at Loseley Park Guildford 24-26July
Art, design, your garden & you! Hosting 200 affordable and unique stalls along with family entertainment.
Adults £8 / Seniors £6 Child £3 / Family £20
for Vegetables, Fruit, Flowers and Grass
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