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artist profiles
Saramica @ Swanspool Ceramics
Founded in January 2017, Swanspool Ceramics is what’s known as an ‘open- access’ pottery studio - a common model
in the US, but far less so here in the UK. In addition to regular courses and one-time sessions for all levels, studio space and firing are available for experienced potters via a monthly or annual membership scheme.
In a twist on the traditional membership model, though, as well as a wide selection of weekly courses in wheel-throwing and handbuilding, we also run regular one-
off taster sessions, private groups and intensive weekends in wheel-throwing and sculpture, and, during the summer months, outdoor Raku workshops.
My ethos is that everyone is welcome, whatever their level of experience, and I
aim to provide a well-equipped, supportive space for anyone, whether you’re wanting to give pottery a try for the first time,
or enjoy the social benefits of joining a community of like-minded artists.
Quite a few of our members and students sell their work, but many are hobbyists enjoying the relaxation that pottery provides.
    Lisa Timmerman
Lisa Timmerman had an amazingly productive lockdown, producing 20 oil painting portraits of NHS heroes & gifting them between April & December last year. From this she received both BBC radio & BBC television interviews about Tom Croft’s great initiative #Portraitsfornhsheroes and
one of Lisa’s portraits was published in
the official book of the same name. She currently has an exhibition of all 20 portrait prints in the Leicester Royal Infirmary.
2021 then started well for Lisa with 2 of her koi paintings selected & selling in the Mall Gallery’s RBA exhibition & another koi painting chosen as a finalist for the

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