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   Band of the 17th /21st Lancers
Since last year we have made positive moves to reach the various vintages of ex-band members, one of our successful ventures has been to move the band blog over
to a proper Face Book page, the response was immediate and we pulled in 70 members to the page within the first month. For those interested the page is entitled, The Qua- vers Rest (Regimental Band Association 17/21st Lancers) it is well worth a visit and although a closed group anyone who has a relationship with the band can be admitted.
In the last year we sadly lost Fred Richardson, who went on to be the BSM Junior school of music at Bovington, Fred’s funeral was well attended, he had been in the regi- mental band since 1960.
We do have a reunion scheduled for this year in a slightly different format at a venue well known to the regiment, Robin Cooney has taken the reigns this year, and I hope many will attend and support him, the event will be held at the Double Tree by Hilton Nottingham on Friday 5th May, 2017 6.30pm for 7.00pm. Should you require any more info please contact Robin direct or me.
As many may have seen the New Army Music Appren- ticeship Scheme An exciting new opportunity within the Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) has recently become available; an apprenticeship at the Army Foundation Col- lege, Harrogate, specifically designed for 16 -18 year olds. Something along the lines of JLR RAC, but without the leadership side that used to take us two years before being badged to our regimental bands, this has to be good news as most soldiers will tell you, it’s much nicer to march to a real band, and to lose so many Regimental bands was a travesty.
 Andy Pegg suffering from hat envy!
9/12L The Last Smoker 2016
Every year since 2012 a smoker has been held for young and old, serving and ex-members of the regiment to get together and swing a lantern. Initially it was held at Oakamoor just a short distance from Alton Towers, the venue was moved to Bar- lborough in Chesterfield in 2016 due to circumstances beyond the group’s control.
The event is well attended by old and new and in 2017 will be open to all Lancers and attached arms as well as all Ex-service personnel, some of you may be wondering why it’s called The Last Smoker? It was intended that only one should take place, but due to the attendance at that venue it was decided to keep the title and just add the year and keep going.
So what is The Last Smoker? In the main it’s a group of Ex- service and serving members of the military getting together in a field, with a bonfire, and a tent (your own) and just enjoying the get together, no frills whatsoever. Many that have attended, spanning from the 1960’s to the present day, have said just how much they have enjoyed the event. So much so that a lot of the same people attend the event every year, including the author of this article. Some rough it and other attend in comfort from Campervans to tents that would hold a squadron.
So if you want to catch up outside of an official event then pop along, you will all be made to feel welcome, Steve Wass always ensures there is plenty of memorabilia for all Lancers to pur- chase as a reminder of the event, we charge £5 per person for the event and this then goes to a military charity nominated by the Land Owner, so it’s a win win, a get together with old and new friends, beer and raising money to help military charities.
2017 event will be held from Friday 14th July – Sunday 16th July, some attend all weekend, others come along for the day, so whatever your rank, previous regiment or if you were attached you are welcome to the event.

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