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  Presentation of a Legion d’Honneur to Gnr Robinson, South Nott’s Hussars
The Queen’s Royal Lancers & Nottinghamshire Yeomanry Museum
As last year, our main focus has been on our World War 1 ex- hibition “Call to Arms”, which has proved to be very popu- lar with our visitors. 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the battle of the Somme and a national commemoration on the 1st July. As such we updated our graphic panels to cover the key events of 1916 and highlighted the parts played by our anteced- ent regiments in those battles.
I am pleased to report that our visitor numbers remain steady and currently stand at 31,096 and we should match last year’s figure of 35,000. Face book numbers have increased to over 700 likes and virtual visitors have been in excess of 30,000. You may be interested to know that since opening in July 2011 some 174,000 have visited the museum. Given our rural location and that we are not serviced by public transport these are very re- spectable figures.
On the1st July we were able to show a copy of the original film of the Battle of the Somme, first released in August 1916. At the time the film was a great success, watched by about 20 million people in Britain in the first six weeks. This new copy had been specially adapted and given a modern introduction by the Impe- rial War Museum as part of the national commemorations.
A really important event in early October was confirmation that the museum has gained full accreditation with Arts Council England. The Accreditation Scheme sets out nationally agreed standards, which inspire the confidence of the public and fund- ing and governing bodies. It enables museums to assess their current performance, as well as supporting them to plan and de- velop their services.
Also in October, the museum became aware of an important lance cap (Czapka) coming up for sale at the Wallis and Wallis auction house in Lewes. It was described as “a pre-1856 Sergeant Major’s lance cap of the 17th Light Dragoons (Lancers), of the pattern worn at “The Charge of the Light Brigade.” Although it had some wear, it was in good condition.
With the very generous assistance of The Royal Lancers Chari- table Trust and the Victoria & Albert Purchase Grant scheme, the museum managed to acquire the Czapka at a cost of £10,912. The czapka will now form an important part of the “Charge of the Light Brigade” diorama.
In December, the museum played host to a presentation of a Legion d’Honneur by the French Consul Honoraire, Monsieur Jean-Claude Lafontaine to Gunner Edward Robinson, South Nott’s Hussars. The ceremony was attended by members of his family, Vice-Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire, Colonel Tim Richmond, and representatives of the South Nott’s Hussars OCA.
Gunner Robinson was a member of F Troop, 514 Battery 150 Field Regiment Royal Artillery which sailed from Tilbury Docks on 6th June. By mid-day on D+3 the South Nott’s Hus- sars were ashore in Normandy complete. The first rounds were fired on D+3 at Colleville the Regiments home for the next 6 weeks. Ammunition expenditure was very heavy and the guns were constantly firing in answer to requests from the commando and airborne troops.
Work has already begun on improvement of the displays for the coming season. The 9th/12th Lancers Museum has also kindly agreed to lend us a 9th Light Dragoon “Tarleton” helmet, which will certainly enhance our Waterloo display. We have also ac- quired a brass compass, which was fitted in the driver’s compart- ment of a Sherman tank.
There are new displays and artefacts to see, so why not visit your museum. In particular I would like to invite any Ex-9th/12th Lancers to visit at Thoresby, you will be made most welcome.
In the meantime, you can check out the history, opening times and even take a virtual tour of the museum, via our website

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