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   Trooper I F Dobie
Corporal A Nichols
Staff Sergeant T Armstrong Mr C Fuller
WO2 W G Gunion
WO1 B Richmond
Lance Corporal W F Fryer Mr F Johnson
Sergeant D J Sage
Major R Southgate
Corporal G Spencer Corporal M Jinks
WO2 R Travis
Brigadier J A Wright CBE Trooper D C Hale
WO2 P J Griffin
Trooper J G Salt
Trooper A Arkesden
Mr I P Coats
Lieutenant Colonel A E Hay Mr D Farrington
WO2 (BSM) F Richardson Captain R V May
Corporal V Dudley
Major J H D Richardson
Mr A W Light
Trooper G K Bellamy
Staff Sergeant J Devon Brigadier M J Short
Trooper P Fisher
Major R Fawcett
Major T Andrews
Mr H Butler
Corporal P Lewis
Major M Wilkinson
Captain J Stanford OBE
Mr W P Butler
Mr C J Allen
17/21L & QRL 16/5L
AAC att. 17/21L 9L
1950-1952 1972-1987 1967-1989 1986-1992 1972-1995 1966-1969 1950-1952
1949-1954 1976-1988 1977-1993 1970-1984
1957-1979 1961-1967 1959-1961 1943-1946 1958-1978 1948-1973 1959-1981 1952-1953 1942-1946
1960-1969 1971- 1951-1975
1957-1982 1947-1982 1956-1958 1959-1961 1968- 1956-1964 1952
May 15 Mar 16 Mar 16 Mar 16 Mar 16 Mar 16 Apr 16 Apr 16 Apr 16 Apr 16 Apr 16 Apr 16 Apr 16 May 16 May 16 May 16 May 16 Jun 16 Jun 16 Jun 16
Jul 16 Jul 16 Jul 16 Jul 16 Jul 16 Jul 16 Jul 16 Jul 16 Jul 16
Aug 16 Aug 16 Aug 16 Aug 16 Aug 16 Sept 16 Sept 16 Sept 16 Sept 16
Trooper W Clark 9L
WO2 B Scott 17/21 & QRL Trooper J Fell 17/21L
WO2 A L Porter 27L/12L Trooper G Chambers 17/21L Sergeant K Stanton 16/5L
WO2 J Kershaw 16/5L Corporal M Doak 17/21L
Sir Christopher Coote Bt 17/21L
Major W Grant 9L & 9/12L Lance Corporal P Hardy 17/21L Corporal M Henstock 17/21L
WO2 D Crookes BEM 17/21L
WO2 C Rycroft BEM 9/12L Trooper G Queenan 17/21L Trooper D M Greenway 16/5L
Major J P Wise 12L
Corporal J B Ledgar 16/5L
Major D R Mantell 16/5L
WO1 (RSM) K Draper 12L
Captain D L P Kelly 9L
Corporal L Collier 17/21L Captain C Mordaunt 9L
Colonel H A G Brooke MC 16/5L Trooper A J Bland 16/5L & QRL Corporal J Hodgson 17/21L Corporal P Rhodes 17/21L Captain D A Lyle 16/5L
The Revered A M Ansell 12L
Bdsm G Northover 17/21L
Staff Sergeant R Locke 17/21L
WO2 C S Hilliard 17/21L
Lance Corporal R Morgan 9/12L
The Rt Hon The Lord Waddington 12L
Major R I A Hughes 16/5L Trooper N G Draper 16/5 QRL Trooper E Scott 17/21L
1954-1956 1975-1994 1934-1945
1960-1963 1954-1975 1971-1992 1970-1978 1948-1949 1955-1988 1955-1956 1950-1965 1971-1987 1956-1982 1963-1969 1948-1949 1941-1946 1962-1968 1948-1968 1947-1968
1972-1983 1953- 1942-1978 1985-1995 1954-1957 1964-1970 1949-1950 1959-1962 1960-1969 1968-1990 1951-1986 1965-1974 1951- 1947-1952 1975-1979 1947-1945
Sept 16 Sept 16 Oct 16 Oct 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Nov 16 Dec 16 Dec 16 Dec 16 Dec 16 Dec 16 Dec 16 Dec 16 Jan 17 Jan 17 Jan 17 Jan 17 Jan 17 Jan 17 Jan 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Feb 17 Mar 17 Mar 17 Mar 17
In Memoriam
          17/21L 17/21L 16/5L 9L 17/21L 16/5L 16/5L 12L 16/5L 12L 17/21L 17/21L 17/21L 12L 17/21L 17/21L 17/21L 17/21L 17/21L 16/5L 12L/ & 17/21L 16/5L 9/12L 17/21L 16/5L 9L
& RAOC 9/12L
                           Colonel HAG Brooke MC
Henry Arthur Gunning Brooke, the son of a wine merchant, was born in London on September 17 1923 and educated at Win- chester. He belonged to the prominent Anglo-Irish family with its strong tradition of military service, the most famous of the “Fighting Brookes” being Field Marshal Lord Alanbrooke, the professional head of the British Army during the Second World War.
Brooke was commissioned in February 1943 and joined 16/5L in North Africa after the final battle of the campaign. He landed with his Regiment in Naples in January 1944 and, as a troop leader in a squadron equipped with Sherman tanks, he took part in the long slog northwards against determined and well organ- ized German defenders who made the most of the rugged, moun- tainous terrain.
As a young officer, he had red hair and a fiery temper to go with it. After dinner one evening in Catterick Camp when a large quantity of vodka had been consumed, Brooke sat down with some of the senior officers to play cards. This did not appeal to the younger element who thought that it would be fun to capture a ram from off the moor and conceal it in a cupboard in Brooke’s room.
Colonel Henry Brooke who has died aged 93, was awarded an Immediate MC at the final Battle of Monte Cassino in the Ital- ian Campaign.
In mid-May 1944, Brooke was in com- mand of a troop of the 16th/5th Lancers (16/5L) in the Liri Valley at the foot of
Monte Cassino. On May 15, during an attack, one of his tanks blew up in a minefield. The crew was badly shaken but Brooke rallied them and by sheer force of personality encouraged them to stay put and keep firing for the remainder of the day.
Over the course of three days, he knocked out two Mark IV tanks, three anti-tank guns, two mortars and inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy infantry. In fierce fighting, both his commanding officer and his squadron leader were killed. Brooke was awarded an Immediate MC for his skill, resourcefulness and inspirational leadership.

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