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                                                                                                                                            REGIMENTAL JOURNAL OF THE ROYAL LANCERS (QUEEN ELIZABETHS’ OWN) 151
 Staff Sergeant Robert Locke
Bob died after an 8-month battle with cancer during this time he never gave up; Bob did not think he was that ill and that he could overcome cancer. He was plan- ning another trip to France with his long- standing friend Mike Smith, cancer was not going to defeat him he fought it right to the bitter end. He leaves behind his
wife Trish and his son James, and his twin sister Susan.
Bob’s funeral was held at Christchurch crematorium on 17th March 2017 an OCA Honour Guard was present as he was taken in to the church. It was a packed service with many of his old comrades, and friends from the prison service.
Those who knew Bob will know what a wonderful flamboyant person he was, always there for someone in need. I had known Bob for 48 years we had some wonderful times together all over
the world, far too many to recall here. Bob was very hyper at times and never ceased to amaze me and every one that new him and always on the go. How he survived on cheese and chocolate biscuits at times one wonders, but he did.
Bob joined the regiment in 1968 in Sennalager and was posted to A Squadron, and served most of his time with the regiment in A Squadron. Bob served his full time with the regiment 22 years. On leaving Bob joined the prison service then retired. He then took to rebuilding motor bikes; he would spend hours pol- ishing them.
During his time with the regiment he made a great many friends, he always had a tale to tell, not a short one he made it into a book which held you enthralled right to the end if there was ever an end!!
Bob will be sadly missed by all that knew him especially his wife
 Trish and his son James.
 New Releases from Home Headquarters...
The Music Traditions of the Lancers
The Music of The Royal Lancers (Queen Elizabeths’ Own), and its antecedents, recorded by the Band of the Royal Ar- moured Corps in Catterick at the end of 2016. The double CD (the only format that is available) together with a 24 page booklet on the history of the music can only be pur- chased from HHQ.
Available for HHQ at a cost of £10 plus £1.25 P&P (for UK post- age). All proceeds from the CD to The Royal Lancers Charitable Trust No. 1163409.
Centenary of The Last Charges of the 9th/12th Lancers (Prince of Wales’s)
The Last Charges written by Major (Retd) Phil Watson brings together the story of the last two significant lance charges made by the 9th and 12th Lancers. The author has taken twenty years to complete this book and draws its de- tail from over 45 difference references many still remaining unpublished. The book is over 136 pages long containing over 135 photographs and pictures and includes five maps and nine tables to help bring the two stories to life. For the first time the stories of Le Montcel and Moÿ de l’Aisne pre- sents the German accounts from the day giving balance to the book. The resulting book has removed the folklore from the history and presents a detailed and vivid account in the words of those who took part. For many officers and soldiers their place in Regimental history has now been secured and the names of those who were known to have taken part re- corded in one publication. The battles of Mons and Moÿ will continue to be celebrated annually by the The Royal Lanc- ers, as part of Mons Day. This book helps us to understand why, from an historical, military and moral standpoint, we are right to do so.
Available from HHQ at a cost of £12.99 plus £2 P&P (for UK postage). All proceeds from the CD and book to the 9th/12th Lanc- ers Museum Trust.
      The Last Charges
The author joined the Junior Leaders’ Regiment of the Royal Armoured Corps in 1977. He served with the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s)
for 35 years, completing operational tours in Cyprus, Northern Ireland,
the Gulf and Bosnia. At the time of publication, he holds the appointment of Assistant Regimental Secretary
for The Royal Lancers. He is also the Commandant of the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland Army Cadet Force.
Last Chargers COVER.indd 1
Centenary of the
The Last Charges
of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s)
Philip Watson

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