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 Captain Lee ‘Kenny’ Swain joined the Army in June 1991 and completed his ba- sic training at the Junior Leaders’ Regiment Royal Armoured Corps where he reached the rank of Junior Sergeant prior to passing his ‘B3’ Gunnery course in Catterick, North Yorkshire. He joined the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) in September 1992, serving a full soldier’s career, before commissioning into the Regiment in April 2014.
Upon on arrival, his bags were not unpacked
for long, as he deployed to Northern Ireland
the following year in 1993. Overseas ‘trips’
quickly became the norm, and he subse-
quently deployed to Bosnia in 1997, Iraq for
Operation Telic 3, 7 and 12 and Afghanistan
for Operation Herrick 14. He also deployed
and Germany and thus has a history envied by both messes he was part of. He may well be the first to be both RQMS Tech and Main, but his proudest moment was his appointment as Regi- mental Sergeant Major of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry. Close to his family and with a taste for life in the south, Kenny was
appointed to the Training Staff at Bovington in Normandy Squadron upon commissioning.
If all this did not make him busy enough, he also managed to fit in a trip to Brecon to com- plete the Platoon Sergeants Battle Course and a Resistance to Interrogation Survival Course. Amongst the attendees was a certain Bear Grylls and to this day, Kenny claims that he taught Grylls everything he knows.
An accomplished sportsman, he represented the Army and Regiment on the basketball court, boxing ring, ski slope, hockey and rugby pitch, beach volleyball court and in triathlon. He was also captain and player/manager of the Regi- mental football team for over a decade. Amaz- ingly, he managed to find some time when not
doing sport to be member of the only Regimental team that has walked the mountains and explored the seas of Hawaii. He spent 6 weeks on HMS Brazon (The 9th/12th Royal Lancer’s affiliated ship) touring the Falklands, Chile and the Azores.
 to Canada, Oman
The following have left the Regiment:
Major Stephen Clitheroe Captain James Willcox Captain Felix Dieppe Captain Ralph Goodenough
Captain William Theakston Lieutenant Philip Harnett

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