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 “The sign says this track is only for experts...we should be fine!” – a phrase uttered by one participant of Exercise BREVANT LANCER that summed up a glorious week of moun- tain biking enjoyed by ten Royal Lancers in July 2016. Based out of Chamonix, the group made it their mission to go and find the most challenging and enjoyable riding that the sun-baked sum- mer Alps had to offer. No mountain was too high and no descent too steep – the group were often surrounded by hardened enthu- siasts clad in all kinds of body armour and protection, whilst we went for the far more practical approach of just helmets, shorts,
t shirts and something adorning ‘Death or Glory’.
The first three days were spent exploring the peaks surrounding Chamonix, including Le Tour and Vallorcine. One climb saw the group ascend over 800m in altitude in temperatures exceed- ing 25 degrees, an excellent test of stamina and determination rewarded with an incredible lunchtime view, and rapid descent back down into Chamonix. Trooper Childs deserves a mention for managing to quietly go about his business, racing down some incredibly steep drops only at the end of the day to mention in passing that his rear brakes did not work!
Having ridden many of the trails around Chamonix, the group mounted-up in the vans and found a campsite above Les Gets, complete with infinity pool and jacuzzi! However, there was not much time for lounging about – this resort is a mecca for moun- tain bike enthusiasts during the summer months and everyone was keen to get out onto the mountain. Trooper Alder certainly
Corporals Watson and Hanson prepare for the descent into Morzine
won the prize for most falls. Despite picking up an impressive array of cuts and bruises, he was never far off the fastest pace of the group.
An enormous amount of fun was had by all and our thanks go to the trustees and the Adventurous Training Group for making
 such brilliant sport possible.
Corporal Clarke tackles a downhill section with a spectacular backdrop

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