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  The boxing calendar of 2015 witnessed our Regimental Box- ers competing in The Peto Cup and two Major Boxing Tour- naments, and 2016 looked to be as busy and hopefully as suc- cessful. Over the past 12 months our boxers have competed in the Army Individuals Competition held in Aldershot, we have had boxers competing at Army level as part of the Army Devel- opment Squad, and at the end of 2016 competing in the RAC Boxing Finals in Bovington.
At the beginning of 2016, the Regiment was invited to compete in the Army Individuals Boxing Competition in Aldershot. Due to the successes of 2015, the boys were keen to get back at it and see if they could progress their skills. It goes without saying that the boxers did not disappoint. Under the expert eyes of Staff Sergeant Davies and Lance Corporal Hanson our boxers made the trip from Catterick to Aldershot in search of glory and more silverware. The competition from the other Army Units competing was fierce, but our boxers once again ‘wanted it’ as
Lance Corporal Crawford lands a decent jab in the Nationals
Staff Sergeant Davies would say. Prior to competing it became apparent that our boxers were not only fighting for the honour of the Regiment but were the only RAC team competing, so representing the Corps as well. With the Army Boxing Coaches casting their keen eyes over each bout, evaluating each boxer in turn for potential to join the Army Boxing Team, our boxers put on a great display. After all the dust had settled our box- ers rose victorious as The Royal Lancers picked up unit overall winners and Lance Corporal Crawford was crowned the new Light Welterweight Champion. In addition to this outstanding achievement Lance Corporal Crawford and, Troopers Bracken and Sands were selected for the Army Development Squad as a result of their conduct and boxing talent.
On return from the Army Individuals, Lance Corporal Craw- ford and, Troopers Bracken and Sands joined up with the Army Development Squad in Chippenham. After weeks of intensive training and sparring, our boxers proved that they were more than capable of competing at this level. They were selected for the Army Development Team and were given the opportunity to represent the Army, fighting against the other Services, with the potential of progressing to the UK regionals and National Competitions. With the Army, Navy and RAF competing for silverware our boxers rose victorious in Aldershot, fending off stiff competition to be crowned the Combined Services Cham- pions in their respective weight categories. In addition to this, after a series of UK regional bouts, Troopers Bracken and Craw- ford picked up silver and bronze medals in the National Boxing Championship Finals in Grantham.
In the latter half of 2016, Catterick Garrison organised a Char- ity Boxing Match with the assistance of Staff Sergeant Davies and Lance Corporal Hanson. It was a great event in which box- ers of all regiments throughout the garrison, along with boxers from local boxing gyms, competed helping to raise a total of £30,000.00. All proceeds from the event went to worthy chari- ties such as ABF, Brainbox, and the Princess of Wales’ Hospice. Sporting personalities, current and past, donated items of mem- orabilia for auction and silent auction. Most notable amongst these were a pair of gloves once worn by the late Muhammad Ali and a training top (framed and signed) by the IBF World Heavy Weight Champion Anthony ‘AJ’ Joshua. Representing The
The Royal Lancers Boxing Team
Regimental Boxing

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