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   Lance Corporal McKenzie handsoff his opposition
clubs throughout Europe and beyond. Again, The Royal Lanc- ers strength was in the forwards. However the opposition’s size, ability and experience meant we were unable to breach their de- fences in the first half. The second half saw a change of fortune for the team as the heavens opened and the opponents had to contend with some British weather. With the advent of wind and rain, The Royal Lancers game improved and we began to get the upper hand. Sadly a try was disallowed and the damage from the first half was irreversible. The final score was 38-0 but no reflec- tion of the performance and determination of a team who left their heart and soul on the pitch.
Crouch, set...
Textbook tackling from Captain Humphreys
In short, this tour proved to be much more than just playing rugby. It was an opportunity for a newly formed team to come together and put in huge performances against more dominant teams. Though the results were not as we would have liked, the squad walked away with a ‘world of experience’ for the future and built a strong cohesive team ready for next season.
RQMS Hough makes the tackle
   Team Lancer after their final match of the tour

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