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  The Royal Lancers newly-formed Carp fishing team entered into the Corps Angling Carp Championships for the first time in history at end of August 2016 following it with the Army Championships.
Representing the Royal Armoured Corps were Staff Sergeant Dyer, Staff Sergeant Revel (RDG), Sergeant Barrowcliff and Corporal Brewer. Staff Sergeant Dyer and Corporal Brewer were given a spot on Wrasbury North Lake and found it hard going for the first 24 hours of the match with very little action between them. However, this was to be expected as the venue was famous for its prehistorically old English Carp that are extremely tricky to catch.
Sergeant Barrowcliff and Staff Sergeant Revel were placed on the southern lake and, working hard as a team, managed to deliver a weight of carp that put them firmly in the lead. For the team to win, however, both pairs needed to catch; the pressure was on.
Staff Sergeant Dyer was off the mark first, hooking into a decent fish and netting one of the famous ‘Originals’. Not long after getting it on the bank, he soon had a big crowd around him. The ‘Originals’ only get caught once or twice a year and it is a special event for the members and owners of the venue. It was a great opportunity to see how the fish are doing. They are rumoured to be worth thousands of pounds each and pictures tend to get published in the Angling press.
All was looking good for the Royal Armoured Corps team and only Corporal Brewer needed to catch to be in with a chance of winning. The odds were against him after getting his last choice in the final draw, but Corporal Brewer pulled it out the bag, land- ing a low double figure carp in the early hours of the morning on
the second day. Meanwhile ,Sergeant Barrowcliff and Staff Ser- geant Revel had a sleepless night getting bite after bite, landing some monster 25lb carps, putting them in second place.
Somehow Staff Sergeant Dyer managed to land a second ‘origi- nal’ on the second day. Given it was our first time at the venue and in the competition, everyone was amazed at how well the RAC team were fishing. The RAC team – made up of 75% Royal Lancers – were firmly in the lead. Corporal Brewer landed his second fish of the match minutes from the end. This was to be a new personal best of 40lb 3oz and another Wrasbury ‘Original’!
RAC ‘Carpers’ went on to win the Corp Carp Championships and brought home the trophy. Thanks go to the Regiment for the support and with a trip planned to France next year to bring on the new stream, hopefully the Royal Lancers will continue to form the backbone of the Armoured Corps team.
Staff Sergeant Dyer with his 'original'
Carp Fishing
 RAC (née Royal Lancer) Carpers

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