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  I wish that front brake worked
The Royal Lancers Enduro Team 2016
This year the Royal Lancer Enduro team has had limited time to compete due to deployments to BATUS and the fragmented programme of training support tasks completed by the Regiment. The main event has been the ‘Welsh Two Day In- ternational’ where Staff Sergeant Petherbridge competed in the sportsman category. He was riding well until 20 miles into the 140 miles route of day one, before he damaged and and warped the front brake disc on a gnarly tree stump during a section of deforested route in the second special test. He managed the re- maining 120 miles to complete the day 13 minutes over time with no front brake. Captain Poole competed in the veterans’ category and had an exceptional ride, finishing with no penal- ties on both days. Trooper Llewellyn is due to return back to RD from ERE early in 2017 and will add to the team as a seasoned rider. Looking forward to the upcoming training year, The Roya Lancers Enduro Team aim to compete in as many British En- duro Championship rounds as work commitments will allow and are also planning a week long, off-road course to get novices into this exciting sport without the constraints of bike owner- ship and licenses.
Participation in Royal Lancer Golf is on the increase, just like Captain ‘Sandy Lyle’ Rickett’s handicap. Thanks to a push from the old guard to promote the sport, we have now established a nucleus around which we can develop the squad. The benefit of Catterick Golf Club’s being a short drive (just like Sergeant Miller’s tee shot) and the Regiment’s subsidised rounds has greatly helped. Whilst some have questioned the benefit, those in the G4 chain continue to put great empha- sis on the arithmetic benefits: those that have played with Corporal “Abacus” Brooks remain unconvinced. The QM – always one for novel methods of development – is keen that Brooks continues.
The Regiment entered a team into the UK North Sports’ League, playing at Saltburn Golf Club and managed an im- pressive fifth in their first season. A very hot two days in May 2016 saw the Regiment send players from the Regiment and ‘E’ to enter two teams in the inter-RAC competition held at Weymouth Golf Club. With points gained going towards Hod- sons Horse held later in the year, individuals finished second and sixth with The Royal Lancers walking away with the add- ed extra prizes of ‘nearest the pin’ (Staff Sergeant ‘Tiger’ Gar- ley) and ‘overall RAC champion’ (Corporal ‘Rory’ Wootton). The team finished eighth overall and are in a strong position to build on this next year.
Fortunate to have received a slice of this year’s Sports Equip- ment Public Funding, two new sets of golf clubs are ready for novices and newcomers to use. With the inter-RAC champi- onships in May 2017 and aspirations to wrestle the trophy from the reigning champions, in the QDG, Golf is not only alive but thriving in the Regiment. The Jarrett Cup is due to be re-introduced, being played for between the three Messes. Thanks go to the trustees and Mr Des O’Connor for getting golf back on the scene at Regimental Duty.
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Hodson’s Horse team

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