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 The Recruiting Group (RG) is made up of six regions that cover the whole of the UK. There are thirteen Royal Lanc- ers currently in the RG who operate mainly in Recruiting Region 3 (RR3) - Wales and West Midlands – and Recruiting Region 4 (RR4) – London and East. They are responsible for working in both the Army Career Centres (ACC) and Outreach Teams (OT). The organisation is responsible for recruiting quality candidates and managing their journey from their initial application online all the way through to Phase 1 Training.
Major Scattergood is the SO2 Recruiting Operations and is re- sponsible for the management of two hundred and forty soldiers in RR4. As one of the newest Career Advisors I am still learning the ropes of life in RG. It gives me an opportunity to work with numerous candidates from various backgrounds, advising them on the wide range of possible job opportunities that the Army has to offer. Recruiting success looks like soldiers beginning Phase 1 training and growing through to their ultimate goal of passing out of training. Helping and nurturing individuals who are committed to joining the Army and seeing them achieve the basic foundations of becoming a soldier has made this particular posting extremely rewarding so far.
Wider roles and responsibilities include the organisation of participation at outreach events such as county shows and lo- cal community fairs. This extends to engaging with the local schools and colleges, highlighting the career and apprentice op- portunities in the Army. The most enjoyable part of organising an outreach activity is the bringing together of Corps Engage- ment Teams (CET) so potential candidates can see and meet per- sonnel currently serving in various roles and the equipment we have. The candidates gain so much from being able to talk face to face to serving soldiers and listen to their experiences.
Recruiting Group Skiing
The Lincoln office located in the North of RR4 is headed up by WO2 Edwards. This year he took part in Exercise SECTOR CY- CLE where a team of six soldiers from ACC Lincoln cycled ap- proximately five hundred miles over a ten-day period. On their route, they visited 108 different educational establishments, talking to students to promote the lifestyle, benefits, rewards and apprenticeship schemes the Army has to offer. The Lincoln team also conducted an office team-building day which involved Segway, mountain biking and finally an archery competition. I have to say, they won’t be representing Team GB in the Olympics any time soon!
WO2 Edwards has more recently become a councillor for his lo- cal parish to fully immerse himself in the community. This has increased his circle of influence and enabled him to engage with ‘gatekeepers’ in the community to keep the Army in a positive light and in the public eye. In recognition for his contribution to the recruiting effort, WO2 Edwards has been awarded RG colours.
  Royal Lancer London and East Recruiting Group

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