Page 112 - The Rifles Bugle Autumn 2019
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       Commanding Officer’s Foreword
Since taking over command in April, I have been   Cyprus on Exercise LION STAR 6. Across this
Riflemen stack up before conducting a room clearance on the Battalion OBUA weekend
 really struck by the size and scale of battalion commitments and the unique contribution of the Army Reserve. From Defence Engagement across the South Caucasus and Central Asia, to operational deployments all over the world – whatever the demand, the battalion has risen to the challenge.
Driving this flexibility has been an operationally focused and ambitious battlecraft syllabus, with a continued focus on ‘back to basics’ training with the intent of achieving section level excellence. This has ensured that 6 RIFLES has produced committed, capable and confident Riflemen in support of 1 RIFLES and the wider Field Army.
two-week period, the battalion achieved mass, deploying a composite company group drawn from across the battalion. The troops wrestled with the challenging environment, successfully building up from section level drills to culminate with a demanding company attack on Paramali Village supported by the battalion machine guns.
Throughout the year, the battalion has also continued to engage with our partnered Defence Engagement nations with reservist training teams delivering several bespoke training packages. I had the great pleasure of seeing first-hand the Salamanca Band and Bugles conducting such partner force training, as well as entertaining the international diplomatic communities across the
The centre point of the year’s training was the
annual deployment exercise, which deployed to   South Caucasus. These comparatively small-scale

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