Page 113 - The Rifles Bugle Autumn 2019
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   training teams have very much typified the last 12 months with numerous individual and small team deployments including to Afghanistan, Estonia, Iraq, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Zambia.
Closer to home, community engagement has remained critical to cementing our position and relevance in the region. 6 RIFLES has continued to support regional ACFs, bolstering the significant role that they play in local communities. I was also particu- larly proud to oversee the battalion’s contribution to supporting Ten Tors 18 – the Army’s largest youth engagement event - which saw over 2,400 young adult participants. We have similarly continued to engage with local civic and business organisations and supported recruitment and engagement events including Freedom Parades, County Shows as well as a myriad of standalone events such as the Exeter
Race Day and Wyvern 18.
Following such a demanding year, the immediate
focus for the battalion will be on the consolidation of key capabilities, providing opportunities for career and course qualifications and resetting the battlecraft training baseline. Our end state for 2019 will see Riflemen confidently and capably conducting platoon level live firing and ready to meet future challenges. It will also see us open a new chapter in our history following our recent re-subordination from 160 Inf Bde & HQ Wales to 7 Inf Bde ‘The Desert Rats’. This move will inevitably bring new challenges and potentially significant operational opportunities as we look towards 2020 and beyond. Lt Col A Pearce Commanding Officer
A proud day for A Coy as they exercise the Freedom of Hereford
        CO and RSM set off across Okehampton training area to observe the Battalion Patrols Competition

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