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    Riflemen are put through their paces at the 5 RIFLES Operational Shooting Competition
Capt. Axford and his team mount Mt Kabek (5047m) on Ex KAZBEK BUGLE in Georgia
Battlecraft Syllabus
6 RIFLES has had a busy year, deploying individual augmentees or small teams on operations to Estonia, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Zambia and Saudi Arabia as well as Short Term Training Teams (STTT) to Georgia, Armenia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to deliver Cambrian Patrol training. Underpinning this operational focus has been an ambitious BCS programme, with the aim of achieving section level excellence.
September 18 saw 6 RIFLES deploy in a coy group strength to Cyprus on Exercise LION STAR 6 for its Annual Deployment Exercise forming the centrepiece of the Training Year 18. It sought to bring together the progress of the year’s low-level company training weekends synergising the capability which had been developed across the geographically dispersed Army Reserve Centres. It culminated in a final attack on Paramali Village utilising the full spectrum of support weapons, which was hugely satisfying to see the hard-earned fruits of a demanding training year. The Riflemen were rightly rewarded with some Adventure Training and time on the beach for their efforts.
Returning to the UK, the battalion continued to split its assured attendance programme between company training and battalion test weekends. In January, the command element of the battalion conducted a leadership weekend, with a series of lectures and TEWTs on defence, followed by the Waggon Hill dinner night.
In order to develop agile riflemen for the complex threats they may face, 6 RIFLES conducted an OBUA focussed weekend at Caerwent, which culminated in a series of platoon attacks on the ‘Kill House’.
Those that got a little too comfortable with urban, ‘FOB’ soldiering on the OBUA weekend were in for a rude awakening when they embarked upon the battalion patrols competition. Conducted on the wilds of Dartmoor the riflemen
embarked upon a 36 hour patrol, completing stands on reconnaissance, CPERS handling, section attacks and battlefield first aid with the obligatory casevac.
Competitions such as this proved their worth when 6 RIFLES entered a young team on Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL 18. With the event rained off over the first weekend, the 6 RIFLES team remained undeterred, and were the only reserve unit to re-enter the next weekend with a different team, achieving a Bronze medal, a creditable effort given a changed ORBAT and a strong building block from which to attempt Ex CAMBRIAN PATROL 19.
Another theme of 6 RIFLES’ BCS has been operational shooting which remains a key priority showcased at the battalion OSC (Operational Shooting), 5 RIFLES OSC and Bisley. The battalion achieved notable success at Bisley, with the shooting team placing 5th of 25 in the Army Reserve.
Adventurous training in the battalion also remains very healthy, with excellent opportunities available for personal and team development. This year we have conducted mountaineering in Georgia, diving in Croatia and skiing in Austria. We are very well placed to drive these opportunities forward next year and will continue to ensure that any Riflemen who wish to conduct AT have the chance to do so.
6 RIFLES can be justifiably proud of its contri- bution to operations and commitments over the last year. With the forecast for the next year looking as busy as ever, there can be no greater testament to the quality of the training delivered and conducted by the unit than the continued operational demands and opportunities that the chain of command entrusts to 6 RIFLES.
Major Jack Hancock XO 6 RIFLES
  All smiles following the completion of the challenging final attack on Ex LION STAR 6

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